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Vernier Video Analysis® for Physics

Study Motion Everywhere

Vernier Video Analysis® helps students make connections between the classroom and the real world. With this streamlined app, students can use videos they find or record their own with their mobile devices to measure types of motion that they can’t measure with a sensor.

Why Use Vernier Video Analysis?

Vernier Video Analysis makes studying two dimensional motion, circular motion, and multiple objects moving in two dimensions easy and accessible. Students can record a video of an object’s motion, mark points to track the object, and study graphs for deeper understanding of motion. For example, investigate momentum and potential and kinetic energies. Bring video analysis to all your students regardless of device—it even works with Chromebooks!

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With Vernier Video Analysis Your Students Can

Investigate projectile motion.

High school students using Vernier Video Analysis

Analyze human movement using physics principles.

Relate sine and cosine functions to circular motion.

Track multiple objects for comparison.

Investigate terminal velocity.

Ready to Use Experiments

Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports

This e-book features 12 investigations in which students use Vernier Video Analysis to explore velocity, acceleration, and sports activities.

Vernier Video Analysis: Conservation Laws and Forces

This e-book features 12 investigations in which students use Vernier Video Analysis to explore mechanics beyond basic motion, such as conservation of energy and conservation of translation and angular momentum.

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Use Video Analysis to Boost Student Engagement

We’re here to help you set your students up for success with the Vernier Video Analysis app! In this webinar recording, we’ll walk you through phone camera settings, lighting and composition considerations, and experiment resources for successful video capture and data analysis.

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