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Show Your Students That Physics Matters

Connect the dots between the classroom and the real world with our intuitive physics products. Designed for ease of use, our tools simplify teaching setup so that you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time teaching your students about the scientific principles of the world around them.


From kinematics to optics, Vernier technology helps your students explore foundational concepts in physics, including mechanics, waves, light, electricity, and magnetism.

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1D Motion and Force

Explore the principles of one‑dimensional motion and force with Vernier technology. Measure position, velocity, and acceleration of objects traveling in a straight line or conduct investigations into Newton’s laws, impulse and momentum, and energy.
Position, Acceleration, and Velocity
Go Direct® Motion
Momentum, Energy, and Collisions

Electricity and Magnetism

Spark curiosity in electricity and magnetism with hands-on tools from Vernier. Determine magnetic field magnitude and direction, investigate electric currents in circuits, and explore electrostatics.

Waves and Sound

Use Vernier technology to develop a deeper understanding of waves and sound. Explore the nature of wave behavior, analyze sound frequencies, and investigate concepts such as resonance and harmonics with our easy‑to‑use, hands‑on tools.
The Speed of Sound
Mechanical Waves on Strings or Springs

Physical Science

Hands-on investigations help students understand the scientific concepts of real-world phenomena such as energy transfer during phase changes, the cooling effect of evaporation, and principles of simple machines.

Software for Physics

Engage Students in Three-Dimensional, Hands-On Learning

Vernier Connections deepens high school students’ understanding of scientific concepts and develops critical skills such as inquiry, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Phenomenon-based, three-dimensional lessons combine the benefits of web‑based learning with hands-on investigation.

Deepen Students’ Understanding of Natural Phenomena

Unlock key features with Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro and do more with your Vernier sensors to expand and extend learning. With access to Pro, you can enrich live instruction while providing more opportunities for students to interact with and analyze data outside of class time.

Study Motion Everywhere

The Vernier Video Analysis® app brings video analysis to your students in an easy-to-use, streamlined application. Students can design their own scientific investigations, record videos, and then analyze the motion. This app gives your students the opportunity to observe and study hard-to-replicate phenomena regardless of device—it even works with Chromebooks!

Vernier Spectral Analysis

Capture, Analyze, and Share Spectrometer Data

Our free Vernier Spectral Analysis® app makes it easy to incorporate spectroscopy into your physics labs. Using the app along with the Go Direct® Emissions Spectrometer, students can examine spectra of light bulbs, spectrum tubes, or the sun.

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