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From kinematics to optics, Vernier sensors and technology help your students connect the dots between the classroom and the real world. Our physics products enable student and educator success so that you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time teaching your students about the scientific principles of the world around them. 

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We’re here to support you as an educator as you implement data-collection technology into your teaching. See how our products provide you with affordable classroom and laboratory solutions designed for student success.

Featured Physics Experiments

Accelerations in the Real World

The portability of the data-collection equipment makes it ideal for studying accelerations that occur outside the physics laboratory. Some interesting situations are the automobile and...
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Pendulum Periods

A swinging pendulum keeps a very regular beat. It is so regular, in fact, that for many years the pendulum was the heart of clocks...
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Centripetal Acceleration

The typical response when one hears the word acceleration is to think of an object changing its speed. You have also learned that velocity has...
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Featured Software and Digital Curriculum

Vernier Video Analysis™

The Vernier Video Analysis app brings video analysis to your physics students in a dedicated and streamlined application. Compatible with Chromebooks™, the app engages your students in physics as they record and study motion using their own video clips.

Graphical Analysis™ 4

Collect, share, and analyze sensor data with this free software. Using Graphical Analysis 4, you can collect data from Go Direct® sensors or LabQuest sensors connected to a compatible interface.

Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives is a powerful supplement to hands‑on experimentation, enabling students to vary experimental parameters one at a time to view results from a set of many recordings of the same experiment.