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Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives

For instructors looking for remote learning options for science, Pivot Interactives is an excellent solution. This online environment has a comprehensive video library of real experiments that offers actual data—not simulations. Students make measurements and analyze their data directly within Pivot Interactives, making it perfect for engaging students in science as they learn.

Vernier Science Education no longer sells Pivot Interactives. Please purchase directly from Pivot’s new parent company, Discovery Education.

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For instructors looking for remote learning options for science, Pivot Interactives is an excellent solution. This online environment has a comprehensive video library with hundreds of real experiments that offers actual data—not simulations. Students make measurements and analyze their data directly within the Pivot Interactives online environment, making it perfect for engaging students in science as they learn remotely.

Why Use Pivot Interactives?

  • Instructors can choose from a library of hundreds of video experiments for various science topics and concepts.
  • Students interact and analyze data directly within the Pivot Interactives online environment.
  • Pivot Interactives is LTI compliant and syncs with LMS platforms such as Canvas.
  • It’s backed by free Vernier technical support and training resources
  • These are videos of real experiments—not simulations.

Pivot Interactives won Best Resource for Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Breakthrough Technology for STEM Learning, and Phenomenon-based Teaching and Learning awards from Best of STEM Awards 2021.

Experiment Examples

View the below videos to see examples of Pivot experiments.

1) Explore Beer’s Law:

2) Analyzing the Motion of a Dry Ice Puck on a Ramp:


View the below webinar videos to learn more about using Pivot Interactives.

Webinar: Teaching Physics and Chemistry Remotely with Pivot Interactives

Teaching Biology Remotely with Pivot Interactives

Free 30-Day Trial

Instructors can try out Pivot Interactives by requesting a free trial. Your free trial includes full access to Pivot with unlimited student seats, the entire library of videos, all analysis tools, and much more.

After your 30 days of full access ends, a 10 active seat minimum is needed to keep your Pivot account active.

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Subscription Options

Subscription options are available for both individual instructors and high schools or college institutions. Pricing is based on the number of students who will access Pivot Interactives.

All Subscriptions

  • Provides a limited site license for your school or campus based on the number of students accessing Pivot Interactives
  • Easy online administration of your instructor and student user accounts
  • Allows for reasonable changes in your student count, as compared to your good faith estimate of the number of students who will access Pivot Interactives
  • Minimum use is ten seats. Even if you have fewer than ten students, the license must have ten active seats.


College subscriptions are for one semester or a semester-equivalent course (quarter, trimester, semester, block). Length of term is determined by school academic calendar. A semester-equivalent course for one student requires the purchase of one seat, regardless of the duration of the course.

High School

High School subscriptions are for one year.

To view pricing for these subscription options, choose the institution type and enter the number of students above to add to your cart.

Need help choosing a subscription option? Interested in a multiple year license? Contact us!


How many and what kinds of activities are available?

There are hundreds of activities in the Pivot Interactives Library. Use the tools on the left side of the Library to filter activities by subject, topic, level, and type of activity.

How is it possible that I can change something (like the mass of an object) in a video?

Most Pivot Interactives activities include a set of videos that are all very similar except that one experimental parameter is changed. This gives students freedom to chart their own path as they explore and investigate the activity.

Does Pivot Interactives include the K–12 science and engineering practices of NGSS and other newly adopted state standards?

Most Pivot Interactives videos require students to do one or more of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:

  • Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  • Developing and Using Models
  • Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Data
  • Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking
  • Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
  • Engaging in Argument from Evidence
  • Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Browse NGSS-aligned activities

Who developed Pivot Interactives?

Pivot Interactives was developed by a physics teacher, Peter Bohacek, at Henry Sibley High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bohacek, along with colleague Matt Vonk, developed Pivot Interactives to help students understand physics concepts that are often difficult or impossible to set up in the classroom. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to all science subjects.

Are all the videos about physics?

No, Pivot Interactives started in physics and now also has experiments for numerous chemistry and biology topics. The library now has hundreds of experiments, with more being created all the time.

Can I upload my own videos to Pivot Interactives?

Yes. Instructors and students can add their own video content. See details.

Are Pivot Interactives simulations?

No. These are videos of real phenomena. Like a simulation, Pivot Interactives allows students to explore scientific concepts and change variables. However, Pivot Interactives is better for student learning than simulations because they’re real—real scientific phenomena and authentic data.

All events shown in Pivot Interactives are high-resolution videos. This allows you to see exactly how science applies to real-world situations.

How is Pivot different from other video analysis tools?

Pivot includes curriculum and is quite different from Vernier Video Analysis, Logger Pro, and other video analysis tools. See details.

How do I purchase a subscription?

To purchase, enter the number of students who would be using Pivot. Each seat allows the instructor to have one student enrolled in a class for one year for high school and one term for college. Volume discounts are automatically applied when you add the number of science students to your cart on this page. Request a quote or complete your order by checking out.

How do I add seats to my subscription?

If you need to add fewer than 10 seats to your existing account, it is best to just give us a call at 1-888-VERNIER. You can also email a purchase order for the number of seats you need to:

How do students access Pivot Interactives?

Students create their own accounts as authorized by their instructors. See student instructions for joining class.

Is Pivot Interactives available worldwide?

No. Pivot is not available for users who are subject to GDPR.

Is there a way to have my students pay for Pivot Interactives?

Yes. When creating a class you have the option of making the class student-paid. When students create their accounts they’ll be prompted for credit-card based payment information. See how to create a student-paid course.

How can I purchase seats to sell in my college bookstore?

Vernier does not sell these seats, but Pivot Interactives does. See how students can purchase access from your bookstore.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Pivot includes tutorials that include videos, gifs, screenshots and detailed answers to help people dive in and start using Pivot. This includes how to set up classes and share seats within a school. Check out the Pivot Help Pages.


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