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Simplify your lab setup.
Elevate student learning.

Vernier Go Direct® sensors empower students to investigate scientific concepts with hands-on real-time data collection.
Students collect position data with Go Direct® Motion

Collect Data with Go Direct Sensors

With over 50 sensors to choose from, our Go Direct family of sensors is easy to use—just connect and start collecting data.  Go Direct sensors can connect to any Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled device—including laptops, Chromebooks™, and tablets. No Bluetooth connection? You can also connect Go Direct sensors via a wired USB connection.  The flexible, wireless connection makes it easy for students to log and analyze data directly on their devices in Vernier Graphical Analysis® or Vernier Connections™.

What You Need to Get Started

A. Go Direct Sensor

These versatile sensors connect to your device via Bluetooth wireless technology or USB.

B. Software

With Vernier Graphical Analysis, students can collect, graph, analyze, and share scientific data collected from Vernier sensors. Want to enable advanced data analysis and enhance the learning experience? Unlock Pro features at any time.


The web-based, three-dimensional lessons in Vernier Connections engage students in inquiry cycles where they explore observable phenomena and their causes, develop explanations, and draw conclusions based on data collected with Vernier sensors.

C. Device

Go Direct sensors connect to a wide variety of devices commonly used in classrooms, including Chromebooks, computers, compatible mobile devices, TI calculators, and LabQuest® 3.
Illustration of a Go Direct sensor paired with a computer

Looking for Experiments?

Choose content from the Vernier Connections digital lesson library or experiments from our award-winning lab books. With over 45 lab books supporting Go Direct sensors and the Graphical Analysis app, you’ll find hundreds of classroom-tested, customizable experiments to seamlessly integrate probeware into your curriculum.

Collect, Graph, and Analyze Data in Real Time

Help students form critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world. With the Vernier Graphical Analysis® app, students can visualize and interact with experiment data collected with nearly any Vernier sensor.

Engage Students in Three-Dimensional, Hands-On Learning

Vernier Connections deepens students’ understanding of scientific concepts and helps them develop critical skills such as inquiry, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. These phenomenon-based, three-dimensional lessons combine the benefits of web‑based learning with hands-on investigation using Vernier sensors.

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