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Go Direct®

Simplify your lab setup. Foster learning.

Empower students to investigate scientific concepts with hands-on, real-time data collection.

Students Connect to Go Direct Sensors Easily

  • Go Direct® sensors connect to computers, Chromebooks™, LabQuest® 3, tablets, or mobile devices.

Maximize Lab Time and Focus on Teaching

  • Our free software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Students can collect real-time data to test ideas and analyze results.

Go Direct Sensors

Why choose Go Direct sensors? With over 50 sensors to choose from, our Go Direct® family of sensors offers an affordable solution that includes free software. Go Direct sensors are easy to use—just connect and start collecting data with your device.

Getting Started with Go Direct

A guide to Vernier Data Collection with Go Direct. 

What You Need to Get Started
Go Direct Sensor

These versatile sensors connect to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB.


Go Direct® sensors connect to a wide variety of devices commonly used in classrooms, including Chromebooks, computers, compatible mobile devices, and LabQuest® 3.

Vernier Graphical Analysis® App

Our free data-collection app facilitates student understanding with real-time graphs of experimental data. No additional software purchase is necessary.

Lab Book

Step-by-step instructions at your fingertips save valuable time when integrating probeware into your curriculum. Most of our lab books for elementary school provide support for Go Direct sensors and the Graphical Analysis app.

Our lab books come with a generous site license. Purchase once and share files schoolwide.

Go Direct Packages

Lab Books