To connect the Graphical Analysis app running on an Android device to a LabQuest Stream interface, do the following:

  1. Turn on your LabQuest Stream interface. The Bluetooth LED will flash blue.
  2. Open Graphical Analysis and select “Sensor Data Collection”.
  3. In the Sensors dialog, tap on the “LabQuest Stream” tab.
  4. The app will populate a list of available LabQuest Stream interfaces. The LabQuest Stream serial number, shown on the back label, is the device name.
  5. Select your LabQuest Stream and tap Connect.
  6. When connected, the LabQuest Stream’s Bluetooth LED will glow blue (no longer flashing). You are now ready to continue your experiment.

If you are having trouble connecting your Android device, running Graphical Analysis, to a LabQuest Stream interface, try the following:

  1. Verify that your Android device is compatible with Graphical Analysis. Graphical Analysis with Go Direct support requires Android 6.0.1 or newer.
  2. Verify that the LabQuest Stream is *not* paired with the device via Android Bluetooth settings. Graphical Analysis manages the pairing process; manually pairing the LabQuest Stream in the Bluetooth settings prevents Graphical Analysis from making the connection.
  3. Verify that Graphical Analysis has Location permission. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Graphical Analysis. Location permissions is required for Graphical Analysis to use your device’s Bluetooth radio.
  4. Try closing the Sensors dialog and choosing File > New Experiment > Sensor Data Collection to re-open it. Sometimes closing and re-opening the Sensors dialog will cause the available LabQuest Stream device list to populate.
  5. Try toggling Bluetooth off and on. Sometimes the Bluetooth radio may be in a strange state, preventing Graphical Analysis from making a connection.
  6. Try restarting the Android device. Pending updates and other system operations may prevent Graphical Analysis from making a connection.
  7. Try installing Graphical Analysis-GW. Graphical Analysis-GW is an older version of the Graphical Analysis app, that supports LabQuest Stream interfaces, but only a few Go Direct devices.

If you are still unable to connect to the LabQuest Stream interface, contact Vernier customer support.

Graphical Analysis Troubleshooting and FAQs