Go Direct Wide Range Pressure
GDX-WRPL is liquid & gas compatible
GDX-WRP is gas compatible only
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Connect the sensor to a Vernier interface and run the data-collection program. The units for the default readings are kPa and they should be reasonable for the altitude at which the sensor is being used (around 101 kPa at sea-level). If you plug the output with your finger, the pressure should rise slightly (~5 kPa).

Range: 0 to 690 kPa
Maximum pressure can withstand: 900 kPa
Accuracy using factory calibration: +/- 2 kPa
Accuracy using custom calibration: +/- 1 kPa (1 point calibration at atmosphere)
Temperature range: -40 degC to 125 degC
Gas Compatible (GDX-WRP): Dry gases only
Liquid & Gas Compatible (GDX-WRPL): Dry gases and Parylene C Coating liquid compatibility
Internal volume of sensor with 1/8” NPT Thread Insert attached: 0.786 mL
Internal volume of sensor with 1/8” Hose Barb Insert attached: 0.623 mL

Accessories included:

  • Chrome-plated Brass Quick Disconnect Tube Fitting with 1/8” NPT thread insert
  • Chrome-plated Brass Quick Disconnect Tube Fitting with 1/8” hose barb insert
  • Two-foot section of plastic tubing: This soft tubing is designed to fit over the hose barb connector. Its standard size allows you to connect to a variety of third-party instrumentation or adapters.
  • Plumber’s tape: This 1/2″ sealing tape should be wrapped around the threading on the pressure sensor. Wrap only once and to the right, as the threading runs. This will help ensure an airtight seal.

Go Direct Wide-Range Pressure is calibrated to true atmospheric pressure before shipping. If you wish to recalibrate to sea level pressure based on your elevation, perform a one-point calibration using a known value.
1. Connect the sensor to an interface and launch the software.
2. Initiate the calibration procedure.
3. Enter the known calibration value in the box.
4. Once the relative stability reading in the input field stops changing significantly, click Keep to record the input value.
5. Click Apply to complete the calibration process. This calibration is automatically stored to the sensor. To restore the default calibration, click Reset to Defaults.

Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor (GDX-GP)

Pressure Sensor 400 (PS400-BTA)

If you wish to purchase different quick disconnect inserts or replacements, many are available and compatible with the sensor. Contact chemistry@vernier.com for recommendations.

Unfortunately, there is not a quick disconnect luer lock option at this time. Below is an option for a luer lock set up: