Barometer (BAR-BTA)
Specifications and User Guide

-The Barometer measures pressure in a very small range around sea level atmospheric pressure. Make sure that the Barometer is not in a situation where the pressure is greater or lower than the range of the device. (Maximum elevation is approximately 7000 feet.)
-If the Barometer readings do not compare with the barometric pressure reported by a local airport or television station, then it is because the broadcast pressure is a corrected value. If you want your Barometer to read sea-level pressure (to compare with a weather report), perform a single-point calibration using the reported pressure for your elevation.

Why doesn't my Barometer show the same pressure as the weather report?

-Pressure Range: 78 to 105 kPa (0.77 to 1.04 atm or 585 to 788 mm Hg)
-Maximum Pressure that the sensor can tolerate without permanent damage: 310 kPa
13-bit (SensorDAQ) 0.00416 kPa
12-bit (LabQuest – all models, Go! Link, LabPro, TI-Nspire Lab Cradle): 0.00830 kPa
10-bit (CBL2) 0.0332 kPa
-Combined linearity and hysteresis: +/- 0.5% full scale
-Response Time: 100 microseconds
Temperature Range: -25 to 85°C

-Each Barometer is calibrated before shipping, so it should not require calibration.
-If you wish to calibrate the Barometer so that it matches the weather reports, you can perform a one-point calibration using the reported barometric pressure at your elevation.

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