One popular method is to get several shoe box-sized plastic containers and put one kind of each of your Vernier items in each (e.g., one bin for LabPros, one bin for pH sensors, and one bin for temperature).

When you are doing a lab that requires pH sensors, get out the box with the interfaces and the box with the pH Sensors. By leaving the equipment you are not using that day in the storeroom, you decrease the chances of students misplacing or getting confused by the extra pieces.

For an added layer of security and inventory organization, we also recommend numbering each piece. For example, group #1 uses pH Sensor #1. If you don’t get pH Sensor #1 back at the end of the class, group #1 has some explaining to do. This also makes troubleshooting easier. If you suspect an equipment problem, it makes it much easier to track down which piece is not working.

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