Infrared Thermometer (IRT-BTA, discontinued)
Specifications and User Guide

– Primary Test: Press the MEAS button on the device. Does it turn on? Point the device at at tabletop or wall. Does it display a reasonable room temperature?
-Secondary Test: Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of a cup of water, and then use the IRT-BTA to measure the temperature of the cup of water. Are the measurements comparable?

-order code: IRT-BTA
-Temperature Range: -20 deg C to 400 deg C
-Operating Temperature Range: 0 deg C to 50 deg C at <70% relative humidity -Display Resolution: 1 deg C -Accuracy: +/-2% of reading or +/-3 deg C, whichever is greater @ 18 to 28 deg C ambient operating temperature -Response Time: 1 s -Display Resolution on the meter: 1 deg C -Spectral Response: 6 to 14 micrometers nominal -Emissivity: preset 0.95 -Detection Element: Thermopile -Field of View: 65 mm diameter circle at 1000 mm range -Average Battery Life: 100 hours typical (laser and backlight not illuminated) CALIBRATION -Calibrate? No. This sensor is factory calibrated and not designed to be recalibrated. -Stored Calibration Information For deg C: slope = -84.388 deg C/V intercept = 398.19 deg C For deg F: slope = -151.9 deg F/V intercept = 748.74 deg F For Kelvin: slope = -84.388 K/V intercept = 671.34 K RELATED VERNIER PRODUCTS -[product TMP-BTA] -[product TPL-BTA] -[product WRT-BTA], (for use with temperature range of -20 to 330 deg C (-4 to 626 deg F)) -[product TCA-BTA], (for use with super-cooled liquids and flame) -[product STS-BTA], (quick response - for use in air only) -[product GO-TEMP], (direct USB connection to computers or labQuest) [til 2918] [til 3778]