Short Answer:

Vernier makes an MSI installer for Logger Pro. Anyone logged into an authorized account on our web site can get this installer.

Long answer:

With each new version of Logger Pro for Windows, we create a silent version of our installer. In Logger Pro 3.8.4 and later, this is an MSI file that lets you easily push the software to multiple computers via the deployment method of your choice (SCCM, Group Policy, etc.). This method has been very popular with IT managers. If you set up a script to call a batch file or the MSI directly, the installer runs unattended. The only command that is needed is to open the installer file and allow it to run with administrator privileges. Because of the complexity of installing custom Windows USB drivers, we strongly recommend that you use our silent installer, which has been thoroughly tested. We recommend that you do NOT create your own MSI or other variations of the Logger Pro installer.

The silent installer is not included on the Logger Pro CD, but is available as a download from your account if you already own a license (US and Canadian customers only). If you don’t have an account, you can create one at Also note that you can have multiple accounts to access the same license.

Bonus Tip for IT: When creating the account, do not use your personal e-mail address. Use an account that any IT staff at your school can access, such as That way, if someone else does the installation next year, you can document the process and login info for them.

The downloaded package is a zip file containing an MSI installer, a batch file, some Visual C redistributables (you most likely already have them), and a silent uninstall utility for old versions (the silent install can only “upgrade” version 3.8.4 and newer). Run the batch file from the administrator’s command shell on a target machine to silently install Logger Pro or customize your own script using the supplied MSI file.

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