Pro features such as Strike Through Data and Uncertainty calculations make for a better student experience in any lab, but there are certain labs that require the use of Pro features. For example, some activities can not be done without a custom calculated column or customized curve fitting. The following identifies which Advanced Physics labs require the use of Pro features:

Advanced Physics with Vernier — Mechanics (PHYS-AM):

  • A1 – An Exploration of Graphical Methods
  • 2 – Error Analysis
  • 12 – Centripetal Acceleration
  • 13 – Rotational Dynamics
  • 15 – Simple Harmonic Motion: Mathematical Modeling
  • 16 – Simple Harmonic Motion: Kinematics and Dynamics
  • 18 – Physical Pendulum

Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics (PHYS-ABM):

  • A1 – An Exploration of Graphical Methods
  • 4 – Standing Waves in a Column of Air
  • 6 – Electrostatics
  • 12 – Faraday’s Law: Effect of Changing Flux from an Alternating Current

There are several other Pro features that enhance your students’ engagement and learning, such as Internet Data Sharing, and the ability to embed and synchronize video with sensor data collection. In addition, Data Strikethrough and enhanced uncertainty tools make using Graphical Analysis Pro a more complete solution.

What features are available in Graphical Analysis Pro that are not available in the free version?