Go!Link was designed to be a low-cost interface and does not support several physics-related sensors. It is designed primarily for use in grades K-8, but can also work as a basic computer-only interface in several other science areas. This same list also applies to EasyLink (EZ-LINK).

The sensors that do not work with Go!Link include:
Microphone (MCA-BTA)
Force Plate (FP-BTA)
3-Axis Accelerometer (3D-BTA) (Note: This sensor uses three separate BTA connections, but using just one of the three accelerometers with a Go!Link isn’t supported either.)
Ethanol Sensor (ETH-BTA)
Vernier Optical DO Probe (ODO-BTA)

All Digital Sensors, including:
Motion Detector (MD-BTD)
Photogate (VPG-BTD)
Digital Control Unit (DCU-BTD)
Drop Counter (VDC-BTD)
Vernier Projectile Launcher (VPL)
Vernier Motion Encoder System (VDS-EC, discontinued)

Rotary Motion Sensors:
Pasco Rotary Motion Sensor (RMS-BTD, discontinued)
Rotary Motion Sensor (RMV-BTD)

Radiation Monitors:
Student Radiation Monitor (SRM-BTD, discontinued)
Radiation Monitor (RM-BTD, discontinued)
Digital Radiation Monitor (DRM-BTD, discontinued)
Vernier Radiation Monitor (VRM-BTD)

Combination Sensors that are both Analog and Digital:
Diffraction Apparatus (DAK)
Polarimeter (Chemical) (CHEM-POL)

Some older sensors and specialty sensors, including:
Current & Voltage Probe System (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) (CV-BTA, discontinued)
CO2 Gas Sensor (CO2-BTA) (manufactured before 2008).
EKG Sensor (EKG-DIN, discontinued)
Heat Pulser for LabPro (HP-BTD, discontinued)

A list of which sensors work with Go!Link is available on our website at: