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Go!Link Troubleshooting and FAQs

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Product Overview
TIL 1908: What sensors are not compatible with Go!Link?
TIL 1901: Do Go! devices work with my LabQuest 2 or original LabQuest?
TIL 1469: Can I use a Go! device with my calculator or my Easy device with a computer?
TIL 2107: What are the differences between Logger Pro and Logger Lite?
TIL 2625: Can I use my Vernier "wired" sensors with Graphical Analysis 4 on an iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet, or other mobile devices?
TIL 2871: My school is moving to Chromebooks. Will the probeware I already own work with a Chromebook?
TIL 1961: How can I update to new Vernier equipment and still make use of my old Vernier equipment?
TIL 1721: Which Vernier and Texas Instruments products are compatible with TI-Nspire products?
TIL 2063: Where can I get Go! Tweet? How can I send sensor data to Twitter?

The LED on the Go!Link is a useful troubleshooting tool. When working correctly, the LED on the Go!Link is green. If your LED is not green, see:
TIL 2113: The LED on my Go! device or LabQuest Mini is not green. What does that mean?
TIL 740: Logger Pro does not connect to the interface and reads "No Device Connected" in the toolbar.
TIL 3082: Why does my Go!Link or GC Mini fail to connect every other time on Windows 8.1?
TIL 1576: How good is the time sync between WDSS and other interfaces?
TIL 1369: How can I stop Windows from giving a warning about non-exclusive access to Go devices?
TIL 1857: Logger Pro or Logger Lite freezes during data collection with Go! devices on my G4 or G5 Mac.
TIL 3442: When collecting data on LabQuest 2 at very slow data rates from Go! Devices, data collection ends before it should.
TIL 4389: How do I tell which model Go!Link I have?

Cannot Find Sensors, Auto-ID Issues
TIL 1664: My sensor Auto IDs incorrectly when used with a Go! Link.
TIL 2117: Logger Lite does not detect any sensors.
TIL 1927: Why does my new CO2 sensor ID as a Current sensor when used with a Go!Link?

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