This issue has been resolved with a software or firmware update.

To use an EasyTemp with TI-83/84 Python Edition calculators, you need EasyData App version 5.3.7 (or newer). To access the latest version of EasyData for you calculator, visit

EasyData App v5.3.7

Issue details

An issue was discovered in EasyData (v5.3.6 and older) that prevents an EasyTemp (EZ-TMP) with firmware version 1.65 from working with Texas Instruments Python Edition calculators (see list below).

This issue affects Python Edition calculators only. Older (non-Python) TI-84 Plus/TI-83 Plus Premium calculators, TI-Nspire handhelds, and TI SmartView computer software are not affected. Original version of the EasyTemp (firmware 1.53 or older) is also not affected.

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