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The Vernier EasyTemp is a rugged, general-purpose temperature sensor for TI-84 Plus calculators and TI-Nspire handhelds.

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What Makes Vernier EasyTemp So Easy?

Vernier EasyTemp has a mini-A USB connector that allows you to attach the temperature probe directly to the USB port of a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator or TI-Nspire handheld. Connecting the sensor to the calculator or handheld will automatically launch the data collection application, and you are ready to collect data.


  • Temperature range: –20 to 115°C
  • Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150°C
  • Resolution: 0.07°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Response time: 4 s (to 90% of full reading in water)


High School (2 experiments)


Vernier EasyTemp works with the following TI graphing calculators:

  • All models of TI-84 calculators (Plus, Silver Edition, Plus C Silver Edition, and CE) 
  • All models of TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS handhelds (clickpad, touchpad, CX, and CX II) 

Vernier EasyTemp works with the following computer software from Texas Instruments (requires adapter): 

  • TI-84 SmartView Emulator Software (version 5.2 or newer) 
  • TI-Nspire™ CX Premium Teacher Software 
  • TI-Nspire Student Software (Numeric and CAS) 

What's Included

  • Vernier EasyTemp sensor
  • User manual


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Electrode SupportESUP$10.00
Easy to Go! AdapterMINI-USB$22.00



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