We have three products you might consider:

1. (Best Choice) Constant Current System (CCS-BTA)The Constant Current System is a DC power source with a built-in current probe designed for use in electrochemistry experiments. The user can set the current by tuning the dial with the system capable of delivering up to 0.6 A. The Constant Current System is not a substitute for the Current Probe (DCP-BTA). The Constant Current System can not be used independently to monitor current. The Current Probe (DCP-BTA) is the best choice to monitor current up to 0.6 A.
Constant Current System Troubleshooting and FAQs

2. Our stand-alone DC power supply, Extech Digital DC Power Supply (EXPS) This is a nice power supply that will supply up to 3 amperes and allow you to set the current limit. It does not, in any sense, interface with Logger Pro or LabPro, but it will supply the current for the electrolysis and you can monitor the current with our Current Sensor (DCP-BTA).

3. Power Amplifier (PAMP). The Power Amplifier can connect to LabPro-controlled by Logger Pro, to a LabQuest platform-controlled by the Power Amplifier App, or to a computer-controlled by the Power Amplifier Function Generator App. The Power Amplifier even has a built-in current sensor that you can use to monitor the current coming from the device. It can supply up to one ampere.