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Why are the menu options, "Movie, Video Capture, and Gel Analysis" grayed out in the Insert menu of Logger Pro?

This is a Windows-only issue.

The Movie, Video Capture, and Gel Analysis features of the Insert menu of Logger Pro 3.10.1 or earlier require QuickTime to be installed on your computer.

Apple abruptly ceased to support QuickTime for Windows in April 2016. On 14 April 2016, several Windows-only QuickTime security vulnerabilities were made public. United States Homeland Security now recommends that QuickTime for Windows be removed from PCs, as Apple will not be updating QuickTime.

Logger Pro 3.12, which replaces QuickTime with Windows Media Foundation for video playback, was released in mid-October 2016. This resolves the Quicktime security issue with Logger Pro.

We continue to release updates to Logger Pro. They are available on the updates page at

The full installer is available through your Vernier web account if you have a purchase record of Logger Pro.

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