This information pertains to the original LabQuest.

If you have LabQuest 2, see this article.
If you have LabQuest 3, see this article.

Although warranted for only one year, the LabQuest battery should last for three years or more depending on how it is used. When fully charged, a LabQuest will run an entire school day in the most common use scenarios. If you are having problems with your LabQuest battery, try the following to identify and resolve the most common issues.

1. Check software version.
Battery performance improvements are implemented with each new version of the LabQuest software. Make sure you have the most recent version of the LabQuest software, which is a free download from:

2. Remove and reinstall the battery.
LabQuest can oftentimes be reset by removing the battery, waiting 15 seconds, and then reinstalling the battery. Detailed instructions and step-by-step photos can be found on our web site at:
How do I remove or replace an original LabQuest battery?

3. Run a battery test.
If none of these describe your problem, it is possible that the battery is no longer usable and may need to be replaced. To test your battery, see:
How do I test the battery on the original LabQuest?

4. Replace the battery, if necessary.
If the battery test reveals the battery is no longer usable, you may order a new battery from our web site:
LabQuest Replacement Battery (LQ-BAT)

If the battery is less than one year old, please contact Vernier Technical Support at 888.837.6437.

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