Logger Pro 3.8.6 (released October 2012) and newer includes a Data Sharing feature that communicates with Graphical Analysis 4 (Windows, macOS, Chromebook, iOS and Android), Graphical Analysis GW (iOS and Android), and Vernier Data Share web app. This allows Logger Pro to send data from a computer to Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, and other mobile devices. The Logger Pro Data Sharing feature works with existing interfaces, such as LabPro, LabQuest Mini, and the original LabQuest. This update is free for existing users of Logger Pro 3.

Note that Data Sharing is not installed by default, and you must choose “Customize” when installing Logger Pro. For details see:
How do I use the Data Sharing feature of Logger Pro to send data to Graphical Analysis 4 via Wi-Fi?

Vernier Apps that support Data Sharing with Logger Pro
Graphical Analysis 4

Graphical Analysis GW

Vernier Data Share

Note: For standalone use, LabQuest 2 supports wireless data sharing, too. For more information, see: