1. Instructors, sign in to your account at https://www.vernier.com/account/ and click on Downloads tab.


If you are already logged in, hover over My Account in the upper-right corner of any page on our web site and click on Downloads.

2. Under Software Installers, Click the link to download Logger Pro for your operating system. The download will begin immediately. Note: If Logger Pro 3 is not listed in your account, continue to step 4.

3. Locate the download on your computer and complete the installation steps.

4a. If Logger Pro 3 is not listed under Software Installers, your license has not yet been verified. Click the license verification request link at the bottom of the page to submit a verification request.

4b. After submitting the license verification request, you will see a confirmation message similar to the following:

5. You will be sent an email notification when your license has been verified. When you log in to your Vernier account, Logger Pro 3 will be listed as a Software Installer in your account. Follow Steps 1-3 to download.

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