Yes, you can connect your LabQuest to a computer running Logger Pro combine data from multiple devices.
1. Connect LabQuest to the computer via the USB cable.
2. Start Logger Pro.
3. Choose LabQuest Browser > Import from the File menu in Logger Pro.

Each time you do this, a separate data set is made. You can graph these as individual runs and do statistics on individual runs, but cannot make a single graph or do statistics that combine data from different files. If the intent is to combine data to analyze a class set of data, there are a few options.

1. In Logger Pro, you can make a new calculated column which will combine columns with the same name from different data sets using the Analysis function. Choose the variable (column name), then the start and end row number. Example: analysis(“time”,1,10) would result in combining the data from columns named “time” from rows 1—10. It is essential that all the columns have exactly the same name, so it is helpful to make a template for students to use prior to the experiment. See Can I make a template data-collection file for the LabQuest App?

2. Use Google Forms and have students input data into a form, then save that data as a CSV and import it into Logger Pro. See the file below for detailed instructions using a field based study as an example.

3. See also: How do I combine sensor data collected in different data sets or runs into one data set in Logger Pro?