KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit (KW-BWX)
KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit (KW-BWXC)
Specifications and User Guide

KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit (KW-AWX)
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit (KW-AWXC)
Specifications and User Guide

KidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade Design (KW-MWT)
KidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade Design (KW-MWTBD)
Specifications and User Guide

KidWind simpleGEN (KW-SGEN)
KidWind simpleGEN (KW-SGENC)
Specifications and User Guide

Specifications and User Guide


What do I need?
What equipment do I need to study wind energy?
Which KidWind Kit should I buy?
Which generator should I use to pump water?
What KidWind kit should I buy to use with Renewable Energy With Vernier?

Known Issues
Why did the wires on my wind turbine generator come off?
The KidWind Mini Turbine does not light the red LED or work with the sound and light board.
Is the yellow plug on my Kid Wind Mini Wind Turbine supposed to have a hole in it?

DIY Instructions
How to make a cliphub
How do I make my own PVC tower for KidWind experiments?
How do I repair a KidWind Mini Wind Turbine nacelle that is incorrectly wired?
What activities use the KidWind Power Output Pack?

Help with Assembly
The vertical wooden part of the tower does not fit into the plastic base of my KidWind tower.
What is the best way to cut the chipboard that is used with the KidWind Renewable Energy kits?

What size of turbine blades should I use with my wind turbine?
Why can't I light an LED with my wind turbine?
How do I use a multimeter with a KidWind setup?
What are the specs for the generator(s) in the KidWind kit?
How do I test a KidWind generator?
What is the best way to attach turbine blades to the dowels?
Does Vernier Sell anything that would let me charge a phone or laptop from a KidWind Generator?
Where can I purchase a multimeter to use with my KidWind kits?
What are the specifications for the KidWind water pump?
I am a KidWind wind senator. How can I access the Logger Pro software?
How can I measure the power of my wind turbine?
Do you have any lab activities that deal with renewable energy?
It is very difficult or impossible to slide the hex locks onto the hex shafts
Where can I get replacement LEDs to use with the KidWind SimpleGEN?
Where can I purchase extra wooden spools?
What type of silicon is used in your solar panels?
What is the best light source to make solar panels work indoors?
Where do I get a replacement screw for my KidWind Drive train?
Are the LEDs in the KidWind Power Output kit resistor protected?
Where can I find old KidWind documents?
Can I purchase individual parts from one of the KidWind kits?
Why is my 2 volt solar panel putting out more than 3 volts?
What are the specs on the LEDs on the KidWind Power Output Board?
Only the red LED on the Power Output Board lights when connecting to energy source.
Where can I get replacement rubber feet for the KidWind Wind Tunnel?
What is the difference between the KidWind simpleGen and the GENPack?
How do I measure rotation speed of a KidWind turbine?
How do I use a photogate to measure rotations per minute (RPMs) of a KidWind turbine?
Is the KidWind Basic/Advanced Classroom Pack sufficient for multiple classes/periods?
KidWind LED Board Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go Direct® Energy Sensor (GDX-NRG)
Vernier Energy Sensor (VES-BTA)
Vernier Variable Load (VES-VL)
Vernier Resistor Board (VES-RB)
30-Volt Voltage Probe (30V-BTA)
High Current Sensor (HCS-BTA)