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KidWind Troubleshooting and FAQs

KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit, order code KW-BWX, $119
KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit (Classroom Pack), order code KW-BWXC, $299
Specifications and User Guide

KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit, order code KW-AWX, $149
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit (Classroom Pack), order code KW-AWXC, $384
Specifications and User Guide

KidWind MINI Wind Turbine, order code KW-MWT, $49
KidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade Design, order code KW-MWTBD, $65
Specifications and User Guide

KidWind simpleGEN, order code KW-SGEN, $54
KidWind simpleGEN (Classroom Pack), order code KW-SGENC, $419
Specifications and User Guide

GENPack, order code KW-GP, $49
Specifications and User Guide


What do I need?
TIL 3130: Which generator should I use to pump water?
TIL 3242: What KidWind kit should I buy to use with Renewable Energy With Vernier?

Known Issues
TIL 3164: The wires on my wind turbine generator came off.
TIL 3223: The KidWind Mini Turbine does not light the red LED or work the sound and light board.
TIL 3309: Is the yellow plug on my Kid Wind Mini Wind Turbine supposed to have a hole in it?

DIY Instructions
TIL 3219: How to make a cliphub
TIL 3198: How do I make my own PVC tower for KidWind experiments?
TIL 3224: How do I repair a KidWind Mini Wind Turbine nacelle that is incorrectly wired?
TIL 4185: What activities use the KidWind Power Output Pack?

Help with Assembly
TIL 3783: The vertical wooden part of the tower does not fit into the plastic base of my KidWind tower.

TIL 3959: What size of turbine blades should I use with my wind turbine?
TIL 3863: Why can't I light an LED with my wind turbine?
TIL 3935: How do I use a multimeter with a KidWind setup?
TIL 3155: What are the specs for the generator in the KidWind kit?
TIL 3183: How do I test a KidWind generator?
TIL 3751: What is the best way to attach turbine blades to the dowels?
TIL 3210: Does Vernier Sell anything that would let me charge a phone or laptop from a KidWind Generator?
TIL 3129: Where can I purchase a multimeter to use with my KidWind kits?
TIL 3172: What are the specifications for the KidWind water pump?
TIL 2374: I am a KidWind wind senator. How can I access the Logger Pro software?
TIL 3145: How can I measure the power of my wind turbine?
TIL 2572: Do you have any lab activities that deal with renewable energy?
TIL 3425: It is very difficult or impossible to slide the hex locks onto the hex shafts
TIL 3518: Where can I get replacement LEDs to use with the KidWind SimpleGEN?
TIL 3643: Where can I purchase extra wooden spools?
TIL 3684: What is the best light source to make solar panels work indoors?
TIL 4206: Are the LEDs in the KidWind Power Output kit resistor protected?
TIL 4304: Where can I find old KidWind documents?
TIL 4324: Can I purchase individual parts from one of the KidWind kits?
TIL 3266: Why is my 2 volt solar panel putting out more than 3 volts?

Go Direct® Energy Sensor, order code GDX-NRG, $89
Vernier Energy Sensor, order code VES-BTA, $88
Vernier Variable Load, order code VES-VL, $64
Vernier Resistor Board, order code VES-RB, $18
30-Volt Voltage Probe, order code 30V-BTA, $49
High Current Sensor, order code HCS-BTA, $79

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