Yes, but some special setup is required.

Note: The Go Direct® Structures & Materials Tester (GDX-VSMT) is not supported.

The Vernier Structures & Materials Tester (VSMT) has an analog force sensor and a digital displacement sensor which are connected to separate channels on a TI-Nspire Lab Cradle (TI-NSLABC) .

VSMT Force (analog)

The force sensor works without issue.

  • Default Data Collection Settings: 13 samples/second for 180 seconds.
  • Fewer samples will be collected due to memory constraints (max 2500)
  • Force sensor units: Newtons (N), pounds (lb), and kilograms (kg)

VSMT Displacement (digital)

Set up is required to use this sensor as it will not automatically identify.

  1. Manually set up this sensor as a Rotary Motion Sensor.
  2. Change the units to “mm”.
  3. Change the Displayed Precision to 2 decimal places.
  4. Set the X4 mode ON.
  5. Set the Diameter to 45.479 mm. This will result in a single rotation of the wheel to equal 1.58751 mm; a single count/click will be 0.09922 mm.

Note: The displacement units must use “mm”. If other units are desired, you will need to create a calculated column that converts the displacement values to the desired units.


  • Rotate the wheel one rotation and confirm that the displacement registers 1.6 mm.
  • Pull up on the force sensor and ensure that it registers a reasonable force for the effort applied.

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