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Do you have Logger Pro for Chromebooks?

Chromebooks run the Chrome operating system, and can not run programs that were written for Macintosh or Windows computers. Logger Pro is software for Mac and Windows and (like any other Mac or Windows software) does not run on Chromebooks.

With the rising popularity of Chromebooks in education, we created a new application from scratch, Graphical Analysis for Chrome, which we designed specifically for Chromebooks. Graphical Analysis for Chrome is free from the Chrome Web Store at:

Graphical Analysis allows you and your students to collect and analyze data from most Vernier interfaces and sensors. It contains the core features of Logger Pro. For an overview of how to use Vernier products with Chromebooks, see:

Logger Pro remains to be our most powerful data-collection software. It has more features, especially for advanced analysis. To compare the differences between Logger Pro and Graphical Analysis for Chrome, see:
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