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What sensors and interfaces can be used with a Chromebook?

Graphical Analysis for Chrome version 4.1, released September 2017, will work with the following Vernier devices:

Go Direct Temperature Probe, order code GDX-TMP, $59
Go Direct Gas Pressure Sensor, order code GDX-GP, $79
Go Direct Drop Counter, order code GDX-DC, $99
Go Direct pH Sensor, order code GDX-PH, $79
Go Direct Electrode Amplifier, order code GDX-EA, $49
Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor, order code GDX-3MG, $59
Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor, order code GDX-FOR, $99
Go Direct Conductivity Probe, order code GDX-CON, $89
Go Direct Radiation Monitor, order code GDX-RAD, $169
Go Direct Constant Current System, order code GDX-CCS, $59
Go Direct Voltage Probe, order code GDX-VOLT, $49
Go Direct ORP Sensor, order code GDX-ORP, $89
Go Direct Colorimeter, order code GDX-COL, $115

Go!Temp, order code GO-TEMP, $39
Go!Motion, order code GO-MOT, $119
Go!Link, order code GO-LINK, $61
LabQuest Stream, order code LQ-STREAM, $199
LabQuest 2, order code LABQ2, $329
LabQuest Mini, order code LQ-MINI, $149
Original LabQuest, order code LABQ, $299

At this time, the list of sensors supported by Graphical Analysis is not quite the same as the sensors supported by the interfaces. For example, while LabQuest interfaces support the Drop Counter and other digital sensors, Graphical Analysis does not yet support the needed data collection modes, so some digital sensors are not supported. Later releases of Graphical Analysis will support these additional sensors.

When used on a Chromebook, the Go!Link and LabQuest interfaces work with the following sensors. Additional sensors will be added to this list on later releases. Go!Link data rate is limited to 50 Hz at this time.
25-g Accelerometer, order code ACC-BTA, $92
Barometer, order code BAR-BTA, $71
Low-g Accelerometer, order code LGA-BTA, $89
Anemometer, order code ANM-BTA, $89
CO2 Gas Sensor, order code CO2-BTA, $259
Colorimeter, order code COL-BTA, $115
Charge Sensor, order code CRG-BTA, $75
Conductivity Probe, order code CON-BTA, $95
Salinity Sensor, order code SAL-BTA, $109
Constant Current System, order code CCS-BTA, $59
Current Probe, order code DCP-BTA, $39
High Current Sensor, order code HCS-BTA, $79
Dissolved Oxygen Probe, order code DO-BTA, $209
Electrode Amplifier, order code EA-BTA, $40
Flow Rate Sensor, order code FLO-BTA, $129
Dual-Range Force Sensor, order code DFS-BTA, $109
Vernier Structures & Materials Tester, order code VSMT, $999
Force Plate, order code FP-BTA, $275
Goniometer, order code GNM-BTA, $159
Hand Dynamometer, order code HD-BTA, $99
Instrumentation Amplifier, order code INA-BTA, $69
Light Sensor, order code LS-BTA, $55
TI Light Probe, order code TILT-BTA, $13
Magnetic Field Sensor, order code MG-BTA, $58
O2 Gas Sensor, order code O2-BTA, $195
PAR Sensor, order code PAR-BTA, $199
pH Sensor, order code PH-BTA, $79
Gas Pressure Sensor, order code GPS-BTA, $83
Pyranometer, order code PYR-BTA, $199
Relative Humidity Sensor, order code RH-BTA, $69
Sound Level Meter, order code SLM-BTA, $199
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, order code TMP-BTA, $29
Surface Temperature Sensor, order code STS-BTA, $23
Sound Level Sensor, order code SLS-BTA, $69
Extra Long Temperature Probe, order code TPL-BTA, $99
Thermocouple, order code TCA-BTA, $69
Turbidity Sensor, order code TRB-BTA, $112
UVA Sensor, order code UVA-BTA, $106
UVB Sensor, order code UVB-BTA, $107
30-Volt Voltage Probe, order code 30V-BTA, $49
Differential Voltage Probe, order code DVP-BTA, $39
Voltage Probe, order code VP-BTA, $12
Soil Moisture Sensor, order code SMS-BTA, $95
Wide-Range Temperature Probe, order code WRT-BTA, $82
Melt Station, order code MLT-BTA, $499
Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode, order code NO3-BTA, $189
Calcium Ion-Selective Electrode, order code CA-BTA, $189
Ammonium Ion-Selective Electrode, order code NH4-BTA, $189
Chloride Ion-Selective Electrode, order code CL-BTA, $189
Potassium Ion-Selective Electrode, order code K-BTA, $189

In addition to the sensors listed above, the following sensors are also supported when used with LabQuest, LabQuest 2, or LabQuest Mini interfaces.

Motion Detector, order code MD-BTD, $79
EKG Sensor, order code EKG-BTA, $147
Microphone, order code MCA-BTA, $39
Ethanol Sensor, order code ETH-BTA, $109

Vernier Radiation Monitor, order code VRM-BTD, $169

Note: This list does not include sensors that do not auto-ID, which includes any sensor with a 5-pin DIN connector.

Further releases will also support additional devices.

Graphical Analysis is available at

See also TIL 2453: Do you have data-collection technology that works with Google Chromebooks? for more information on Graphical Analysis for Chrome.

TIL 3693: Please notify me when you have product updates for for Chromebooks.

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