In every case possible, the new style is compatible with the old style. Although the carts and tracks included in the Dynamics Cart and Track System (DTS) look different than the carts in the Vernier Dynamics System (VDS, discontinued), there are more similarities between the two systems than differences. The DTS is a refinement of the VDS, drawn from years of teacher feedback.

The difference between the DTS and VDS tracks is cosmetic; the DTS track is not anodized black like the VDS track was. Because they have identical dimensions, the end stop, motion detector bracket, photogate brackets, rod clamp, and adjustable levelers are all the same. Likewise, the Bumper and Launcher Kit (BLK), Optics Expansion Kit (OEK), Color Mixer Kit (CM-OEK), and Diffraction Apparatus (DAK) all attach the same.

The DTS is less expensive than the VDS was and includes a couple of extra pieces: an ultra pulley bracket, a motion detector flag, and four DTS cart masses (rather than just one). The pulley bracket includes a new part to make it easier to attach a photogate to the bracket. The new pulley bracket configuration is compatible with the old tracks and carts.

The biggest difference between the VDS and the DTS is in the carts. Both carts will run on either track. The following cart accessories are not cross-compatible:
* Friction Pad (PAD-VDS): Because of the DTS cart shape, the VDS friction pad will not work with the DTS cart and vice-versa.
* DTS cart masses are not compatible with VDS carts, and vice-versa. The older 500 g masses are black and fill the entire tray of the cart. The newer hexagonal 250 g masses mount on the side of the new style cart.

Both VDS and DTS carts will accept the same sensors. In some cases such as the Dual-Range Force Sensor (DFS-BTA) and Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS), different methods are used to attach the sensor to the cart.

DTS carts are easier to use than VDS carts. Attaching sensors and masses is intuitive and easy. The DTS cart masses increase the range of possible total cart masses. The DTS plunger carts include markings on the plunger mechanism to make adjusting the plunger spring rate easier. Likewise, the plunger cart includes an additional trigger to allow “superelastic” collisions.