We often offer free repairs even outside a product’s warranty. However, we can no longer purchase replacement parts for original LabQuest units. The last unit was sold in 2014, and all original LabQuest units are now out of warranty.

Note that the two most common issues that original LabQuest units have are
1) An old battery can no longer hold a charge. We can still get replacement batteries. To determine if your LabQuest simply needs a new battery, see:
Original LabQuest Battery Troubleshooting and FAQs

2) Software corruption. This can be solved by reloading the software:
My original LabQuest is stuck on the LabQuest logo screen.

If you contact Vernier Technical Support with details on your LabQuest issues, we will make every attempt to resolve the issue over the phone, regardless of the warranty status of the unit. However, if the LabQuest requires replacement parts, we can no longer service it.

For recycling of units that cannot be serviced we recommend reaching out to your local electronics recycler. 

For troubleshooting other issues, see:
I am having trouble getting my original LabQuest to turn on/start up. (flowchart)
Original LabQuest Troubleshooting and FAQs (Full List)
How to determine manufacture date of an original LabQuest.