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Can my original LabQuest be repaired?

We often offer free repairs even outside a product's warranty. However, we are running low on replacement parts for original LabQuest units, and we need to be able to service all units for their full 5 year warranty. The last unit was sold in 2014, and most original LabQuest units are now out of warranty.

To determine if your LabQuest is still under warranty, look on the back of the unit, there may be a label on the battery door with a serial number on it.

If the unit has a barcode with an eight digit serial number below it, and the first two digits of the serial number are 12, your unit may still be under warranty. To fully determine when exactly your unit shipped, we will have to look up the full serial number. Contact Vernier Software Technical Support with your serial number for assistance. 4026-Warrenty_Unit.jpg
If the unit has a barcode and an eight digit serial number, the first two digits are the year it was made, (20XX.) In 2010 and 2011, units shipped within a month or two of being made so if your serial number has 8 digits and starts with 10 or 11, the unit is no longer under warranty. 4026-2010Unit.jpg
If you have a serial number and the serial number is 5 or 6 digits, the unit was made between 2009 and 2010, or it was made before then but has come in for repairs and so we issued it a serial number. It is no longer under warranty. 4026-2009Unit.jpg
If you don't have a label on the battery door, or there isn't a serial number, your unit was made between 2007 and 2009. It is no longer under warranty. 4026-2007Unit.jpg4026-2008Unit.jpg

Note that the two most common issues that original LabQuest units have are
1) An old battery can no longer hold a charge. To determine if your LabQuest simply needs a new battery, see:
TIL 2077: Original LabQuest Battery Troubleshooting and FAQs
2) Software corruption. This can be solved by reloading the software:
TIL 2370: My original LabQuest is stuck on the LabQuest logo screen.

If you contact Vernier Technical Support with details on your LabQuest issues, we will make every attempt to resolve the issue, regardless of the warranty status of the unit. However, if the LabQuest requires replacement parts, we will no longer use our limited inventory parts to repair non-warranty units.

For troubleshooting other issues, see:
TIL 1688: Original LabQuest Troubleshooting and FAQs (Full List)

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