You can collect angular velocity data using the Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor (GDX-FOR) attached to the beam of the Centripetal Force Apparatus (CFA). However, you must use a photogate Photogate (VPG-BTD) to collect angular velocity data when mounting the components of the Centripetal Force Apparatus Moment of Inertia Accessory Kit (CFA-MIK).
The clearance between the photogate and horizontally mounted components of the Moment of Inertia Kit require you to either:
1) mount the photogate without using the securing thumbscrew, or
2) elevate the components on the shaft by 3/8″. This can be accomplished by adding about 4 flat washers with 1/2″ diameter holes.

Can I use the Moment of Inertia Accessory kit with the original CFA?