In March of 2020, Go Direct® Mini GC (GDX-GC) replaced the Vernier Mini GC Plus (GC2-MINI).

There are several differences between the Go Direct Mini GC and the Mini GC Plus. There is a new column and new detector in the Go Direct version; this allows it to detect more compounds as well as show more classic gaussian GC peaks.

Key Similarities:
1. Both can be connected via USB to a computer (using Instrumental Analysis), LabQuest 2 or LabQuest 3 (using LabQuest App), or Chromebook (using Instrumental Analysis).
2. The GDX-GC can be used to complete any of the previous experiments written for Vernier gas chromatographs, including those from Organic Chemistry with Vernier. 
3. All Vernier gas chromatographs use the same power supply, syringe, and septa.
4. All Vernier gas chromatographs are compatible with the free Instrumental Analysis software.

Key Differences:
1. The GDX-GC has Bluetooth so it can transmit wirelessly directly to tablets, phones and other devices (the GC2-MINI cannot do this).
2. The Go Direct Mini GC can detect significantly more chemicals than the Mini GC or Mini GC Plus did. Most notably, it can detect nonpolar compounds, including hydrocarbons. The complete list of compatible compounds is available on the product webpage.
3. The GDX-GC does not work with Logger Pro. It only works with LabQuest 2, LabQuest 3, or with Instrumental Analysis software.
4. It comes with five brand new experiments to help users explore the new compounds it can detect.

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If you have a question about whether the Go Direct Mini GC will work for your particular application, please contact