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The Vernier Tech Info Library contains support documentation for our products, including troubleshooting tips, detailed product specifications, and answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.

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  1. What replacement parts are available for the Force Sensor?

  2. Video Analysis: marked points and scale are offset.

  3. Dual-Range Force Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  4. My Dual-Range Force Sensor is noisy when used with a Motion Detector and LabPro.

  5. What is the difference between the Dual Range Force Sensor and the Student Force Sensor?

  6. Do you still sell the Dynamics Track Adapter (DTA-DFS)?

  7. Logger Pro clips videos or shows offset points when not using full screen

  8. What is the best way to arrange the Dual-Range Force Sensor and PASCO masses on the same dynamics cart?

  9. Problems with force sensor giving bad readings because hex barrel has been removed and improperly reinstalled.

  10. Can your force sensors be used in a test section of a wind tunnel for educational demonstrations?

  11. Why can't I see angular and tangential velocity data using the Centripetal Force Apparatus with a photogate? (Advanced Physics experiment # 12A)

  12. What are the tradeoffs between Graphical Analysis and Logger Pro?

  13. Which version Dual-Range Force Sensor do I have?

  14. How can I set the time of the first frame used for video analysis to zero?

  15. My Student Force Sensor will not calibrate. How do I return it to the factory settings?

  16. How can I change the sign of the force reading? (Make either push or pull positive or negative)

  17. How do I put the Vernier Dynamics System mass and the dual range force sensor on the green metal dynamics cart at the same time?

  18. Dual Range Force Sensor does not measure a push, but does work with a pull.

  19. Why does the 10 V voltage probe not read zero when the clips are disconnected?

  20. What do I need for the Science Olympiad Technical Problem Solving event in 2015?

  21. Can I use the DO Electrode Filling Solution past its expiration date?

  22. What is the recipe for your Dissolved Oxygen Filling solution?

  23. What is the threading on the bumpers and hooks for Vernier Force Sensors?

  24. My sensor Auto IDs incorrectly when used with a Go! Link.

  25. How do I attach a mass to a Vernier dynamics cart?

  26. How do I get good impulse momentum data for an inelastic collision using Motion Encoder?

  27. Can the cable on a Dual Range Force Sensor be repaired?

  28. Motion Encoder zero drifts when used with LabQuest 2 and original LabQuest on AC power.

  29. My force sensor fell into the floor, and now the hex bolt sheared off inside the load cell.

  30. Why does GDX-ACC report inaccurate altitudes?

  31. The rotary motion sensor won't stay zeroed when using LabPro.

  32. Go Direct Acceleration Troubleshooting and FAQs

  33. Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  34. Do you have a force sensor that can be used with frog leg or heart muscles?

  35. What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics C?

  36. Is there a way to calibrate the Motion Detector?

  37. What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics 1 or 2?

  38. What Vernier equipment is used with the Holt Spectrum Science manuals?

  39. Why did you remove all the free PDF preview labs on your website?

  40. What do I need to purchase to do IB Physics?

  41. Why do I get strange waveforms from the Power Amplifier Function Generator application?

  42. How can I zero the sensor readings on my EV3?

  43. What sensors can I use with the Centripetal Force Apparatus?

  44. Please notify me when you have product updates for Chromebooks.

  45. How do I connect the Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor to a Pasco dynamics cart?

  46. Are the new DTS carts and tracks compatible with the old VDS?

  47. Why is my acceleration data so noisy in a Half-Atwood machine?

  48. Go Direct Voltage Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  49. My Power Amplifier will produce an AC voltage but not a DC voltage

  50. Can I use an accelerometer to measure velocity or position?

  51. Centripetal Force Apparatus Troubleshooting and FAQs

  52. Differential Voltage Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  53. WDSS Troubleshooting and FAQs

  54. What sensors and accessories would I need to do the activities found in the Forensics book from Texas Instruments?

  55. EKG Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  56. Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  57. I am performing an experiment that requires both positive and negative voltages to be measured. When using your ULI with a Voltage Probe, it only reads 0 to 5 volts. What can I do to measure both positive and negative voltages?

  58. Where can I get simulation software?

  59. Current Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  60. Why is it that the SensorDAQ voltage probes do not read zero?

  61. What Vernier products do I need to order to implement a Real Time Physics program at my college?

  62. What sensors are supported by Go Wireless Link when using Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?

  63. How can I get the best measurements with the Vernier Emissions Spectrometer?

  64. What are the spring constants of the hoop springs included with the Bumper Launcher Kit?

  65. How can I use Vernier products to study muscle activity?

  66. What is the maximum number of points I can collect/what is the maximum number of sensors or interfaces I can use?

  67. How good is synchronization between two WDSS? Good enough for impulse experiments?

  68. Do you have curriculum for tablet devices?

  69. I am using your Heart Rate Monitor with the earclip. What can I do to improve the results I am getting with this sensor?

  70. How do you determine the uncertainties on the curve fit coefficients?

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