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The Vernier Tech Info Library contains support documentation for our products, including troubleshooting tips, detailed product specifications, and answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.

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  1. LabPro gives unfamiliar beeps or does not make the "happy sound."

  2. Converting from Jungo to WinUSB drivers manually

  3. LabQuest 2 screen flashes white, and then black, when I turn it on.

  4. How do I distribute Logger Pro 3 to my students?

  5. My original LabQuest is stuck on the LabQuest logo screen.

  6. Issues with the silent installer with Logger Pro on Windows 7

  7. How do I distribute Logger Pro to my IT Department?

  8. My school is moving to Chromebooks. Will the probeware I already own work with a Chromebook?

  9. Dave's Eclipse Tips

  10. What datum is used by Vernier GPS and LabQuest 2 GPS?

  11. Can I create a map of my Vernier data using Google My Maps?

  12. What do I need to purchase to do the prescribed practicals in IB Chemistry?

  13. My Vernier GPS or LabQuest 2 GPS shows a lot of scatter when it is at rest.

  14. Why won't my GPS data export to Google Maps?

  15. Vernier GPS Troubleshooting and FAQs

  16. What plastic tubing used for the Pressure Sensor Accessories Kit?

  17. Why won't my Vernier GPS Sensor (order code: VGPS) work on my Macintosh computer?

  18. Gas Pressure Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  19. What type of plastic is the Gas Pressure Sensor 2-Way Valve?

  20. Can I Order Pressure Sensor Accessories Separately?

  21. My Vernier GPS is detected, but never finds any satellites.

  22. My Vernier GPS generates a dialog box about a network device when connected to Mac OS X 10.6.

  23. Where can I find old KidWind documents?

  24. Pressure Sensor 400 Troubleshooting and FAQs

  25. How do I use a computer or Chromebook with only USB-C ports with Vernier USB products?

  26. Why does my rubber stopper pop out of the flask too soon?

  27. Are your eclipse glasses safe for viewing the sun?

  28. How do I map data collected on a LabQuest or LabQuest 2?

  29. My LabQuest 2 GPS does not find satellites.

  30. When setting up LabQuest 2 for Gmail/Google Apps, I get an error 77.

  31. Can the PSL (Team Labs) Rotary Motion Probe be used with my Vernier equipment?

  32. My IPS AC Adapter does not power my LabPro, WDSS, or Stir Station.

  33. Get message "The ordinal 18 could not be located in the dynamic link library VGPS_SDK.dll" after opening Logger Pro.

  34. Tips for improving your Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer data

  35. My Gas Pressure Sensor (GPS-BTA) readings are not what I expect them to be.

  36. Where do I get replacement lamps for the Vernier Circuit Board (VCB)?

  37. What can I do if my LabQuest 2 calibration screen does not respond to taps?

  38. My Vernier GPS isn't recognized by the software.

  39. Why is my time lapse video capture on Windows is black and seems to have no frames?

  40. Why does Logger Pro hang with Ohaus / VGPS / Watts Up on Windows 8?

  41. Why does my Garmin GPS screen lock up when I connect it to a computer?

  42. Blood Pressure Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  43. Why does my PSL/Team Labs Rotary Motion sensor not read correctly when using Logger Pro?

  44. Bluetooth Help and Troubleshooting Tips related to the Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS)

  45. My power supply no longer works.

  46. Why do I see #### String Not Found in Data Pro?

  47. What power supplies can I use with the DCU?

  48. Can I purchase a replacement power supply for my Mini GC or Mini GC Plus?

  49. What is the internal volume of the Gas Pressure Sensor?

  50. How do I use the ProScope with specimens on a glass slide?

  51. How much current does the Go Direct Charge Station supply to each port?

  52. What are the tradeoffs between Chromebooks and laptops for data collection?

  53. What do I need to do to prepare for outdoor data collection?

  54. Where can I find low-friction glass syringes for combined gas law experiments done with our Gas Pressure Sensor?

  55. What experiments can I do with the Vernier Rotational Motion Accessory Kit?

  56. Go Direct Gas Pressure Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  57. What is the difference between the pH buffer capsules with order codes PHB and PH-BUFCAP?

  58. General tips for using Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE).

  59. My Mini GC or Mini GC Plus suddenly drops its connection.

  60. Can I preview Vernier apps for iOS?

  61. Tips and tricks for using the Dissolved Oxygen Probe

  62. LabQuest freezes after many drops with drop counter

  63. I want to use my drop counter to get a graph of drops per second.

  64. My LabQuest 2 won't connect to an Enterprise network and keeps prompting me for my passphrase, what can I do?

  65. General Troubleshooting Tips for Vernier Products

  66. Why does the 10 V voltage probe not read zero when the clips are disconnected?

  67. I bought your pH buffer capsules. Can I make storage solution for my pH Sensors with this kit?

  68. Why can't I export to Google Maps from Logger Pro?

  69. Can I transfer a license of one of your iOS apps from one student to another?

  70. Can I purchase Vernier apps for iOS with an educational discount?

  71. Can I display your apps for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using a classroom projector?

  72. My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer intermittently drops the connection while using Bluetooth.

  73. Is LabQuest 2's built-in GPS WAAS-enabled?

  74. Logger Pro clips videos or shows offset points when not using full screen

  75. Do you have data-collection apps that work with Android?

  76. Are your apps supported in macOS 10.15 Catalina?

  77. Why is the Drop Counter calibration lost?

  78. My Vernier Dynamics Cart jumps off the track when after colliding with the magnetic end stop.

  79. When I plug the radiation monitor into LabPro it stops working. (especially if you have been using DCU).

  80. Hand Dynamometer rubber grips came off.

  81. How are magnets installed in Vernier Dynamics Carts and Adjustable End Stops?

  82. Can I get replacement or larger elastic straps for the Exercise Heart Rate Monitor?

  83. I see the cuff pressure, but LabQuest does not report systolic and diastolic values.

  84. Go Direct Drop Counter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  85. Is there a list of chemicals that should not be used with the Gas Pressure Sensor?

  86. What versions of Logger Pro Window-Eyes and/or JAWS are compatible?

  87. Printing problems with Logger Pro 2.x for Windows

  88. What is the calibration information for the Gas Pressure Sensor?

  89. After using Video Capture you get the error message "QuickTime Error: -2014 File ..\GUIQuickTimeMovie.cpp Method: GUIQuickTimeMovie::Message Line 345"

  90. Drop Counter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  91. What programming environments do you support for using your sensors for projects and teaching coding?

  92. What power supplies can I use with mBot?

  93. How can data from multiple Garmin tracks be plotted on one Google Map?

  94. How can I measure currents outside the range of the Vernier Current Probe?

  95. What changes were made in the 4th edition lab books?

  96. How do I import data into an esri app such as ArcGIS online?

  97. Why can't I find the correct Middle School or Physical Science experiment files in Logger Pro or Logger Lite?

  98. Do you know of a good case for carrying LabQuests, LabPros, calculators, and/or sensors?

  99. I have a Blood Pressure sensor. Can my students use the data from the Cuff Pressure data that is collected by the software to calculate the BP parameters?

  100. How can I tell if my LabQuest power adapter is good?

  101. Do you have a power supply for electrolysis?

  102. My sensor Auto IDs incorrectly when used with a Go! Link.

  103. How do I collect good videos for analysis in Video Physics or Logger Pro?

  104. Can you make a ROT-ADP adapter for me?

  105. My blood pressure readings do not update after the first run when using LabQuest 2, even though the new graph appears on the screen.

  106. Why do I get an ARCHIVED error when running a Vernier application on my TI-83 Plus?

  107. Videos in Logger Pro are rotated or sideways.

  108. When is external power needed for LabQuest Mini?

  109. LabQuest Printer Configuration (advanced)

  110. Graphical Analysis 4 Troubleshooting and FAQs

  111. LabQuest 2 freezes

  112. What do I need for the Science Olympiad Technical Problem Solving event in 2015?

  113. Are Vernier products and Team Labs (ThinkStation Interface and Excelerator 2000) products compatible?

  114. I am using the Respiration Monitor Belt with Logger Pro. Why does the program always report the respiration rate as zero?

  115. Can I adjust the frame rate used in video analysis in Logger Pro?

  116. Why am I having trouble collecting data in the Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Exercise lab when using LabQuest as a standalone device?

  117. How do I redeem a Vernier gift certificate or coupon code?

  118. Can I use the Pasco Visual Accelerometer with Vernier interfaces?

  119. How do I calculate the resolution of my sensor?

  120. How do I measure currents larger than 0.6 amperes?

  121. What calculated columns can be correctly loaded from LabQuest to Logger Pro?

  122. What experiments can I do with the Optics Expansion Kit and the Color Mixer Kit?

  123. When I press the buttons on my LabQuest 2, they make noise

  124. Logger Pro won't launch or crashes or hangs when you attempt to start. (advanced)

  125. How much current is drawn by a LabQuest charging station?

  126. What Vernier products are available for physical chemistry?

  127. How do I use the Davis WeatherLink Live?

  128. Go Direct Respiration Belt Troubleshooting and FAQs

  129. What do I need to purchase to do IB Chemistry?

  130. Digital Control Unit (DCU) Troubleshooting and FAQs

  131. ProScope Troubleshooting and FAQs

  132. Graphical Analysis or Spectral Analysis Android says that bluetooth is off, but I'm sure it is on.

  133. What advantages does a Vernier sound level sensor have over a smartphone sound level app?

  134. What equipment do I need to do the prescribed IB Biology practicals?

  135. LabPro Troubleshooting and FAQs

  136. How do I connect my Go Wireless Heart Rate to the Graphical Analysis App?

  137. How to get reasonable values for "g" from videos created with a Logitech web camera.

  138. How do I set up LabQuest 2 and Graphical Analysis 4 to work together via wireless Data Sharing over Wi-Fi?

  139. How do I update my LabPro/CBL2?

  140. Go Wireless Sensors - Computer, Tablet and Mobile Device Support Details

  141. Where can I find system requirements for Texas Instruments Software?

  142. Can I use your Go Direct sensors with other software?

  143. Where can I get replacement rechargeable batteries for Texas Instruments Products?

  144. Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  145. How do I use the Data Sharing feature of Logger Pro to send data to Graphical Analysis 4 via Wi-Fi?

  146. How do I replace the wheels on newer dynamics carts?

  147. Which TI-Nspire Handhelds work with the TI-Nspire Rechargeable Battery

  148. How do you perform a basic launch with the Vernier Projectile Launcher or Go Direct Projectile Launcher?

  149. How do I use Google Science Journal with Go Direct sensors on Android?

  150. Can I use Vernier sensors with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3?

  151. Can I use Vernier sensors with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT?

  152. How do I install the latest compatible version of an app on an earlier version of iOS?

  153. How do I remove or replace a Go Direct battery?

  154. How do I set up Google Science Journal for data collection with Go Wireless sensors?

  155. Why am I getting Motion Detector readings that are noisy or max out at a certain distance?

  156. Logger Pro Troubleshooting and FAQs

  157. How does LabQuest 2 compare to the original LabQuest?

  158. Are there some readily-available substances I can use to measure fluorescence with a SpectroVis Plus?

  159. How do I reset my mBot back to the Default Program?

  160. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection in a projectile motion experiment?

  161. What do I need to purchase to do the prescribed practicals in IB Physics?

  162. Graphical Analysis GW for Android FAQ and Troubleshooting

  163. How do I remove the force sensor from the Vernier Structures and Materials Tester (VSMT)?

  164. Can I measure g with a photogate and Time of Flight Pad?

  165. What do I purchase to add a second encoder cart to my Motion Encoder System?

  166. How do I set up Go Direct Photogate for data collection in a projectile motion experiment?

  167. Which digital video camera should I purchase for video analysis?

  168. O2 Gas Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  169. How do you measure acceleration using Go Direct Photogates (GDX-VPG)?

  170. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection using the LabQuest App?

  171. What is WeatherLink IP and how do I share weather data on a web site?

  172. Do you have data-collection software available for mobile devices (iOS and Android - tablets and phones)?

  173. Logger Pro 3.7 crashes when I update my LabPro OS.

  174. Colorimeter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  175. How do I remove or replace a LabQuest battery?

  176. Go Direct Colorimeter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  177. Do you have data-collection technology that works with Google Chromebooks?

  178. Which Vernier and Texas Instruments products are compatible with TI-Nspire products?

  179. Why did you discontinue Watt Up Pro? Are there alternatives?

  180. Are you a vendor for Donors Choose?

  181. Why aren't my LabVIEW examples for LabQuest working?

  182. Which sensors can I use with Graphical Analysis 4 and Graphical Analysis GW on Android devices?

  183. Graphical Analysis Chrome Web Store app running on a computer fails to launch and displays an error message.

  184. How to use Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE

  185. What Vernier products are available for biochemistry?

  186. Vernier Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  187. How do I remove or replace a Go Wireless pH or Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier battery?

  188. Why does my data table have holes (empty cells) in it?

  189. Logger Pro sees my WDSS by name, but then fails to collect data.

  190. How do I set up a Go Direct Photogate to collect data using LabQuest 2 App?

  191. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection using Graphical Analysis 4?

  192. Why is my calibration different when using sensors for remote collection?

  193. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection with Logger Pro 3?

  194. Will I get interference when I put two sensors in the same solution?

  195. How can I use Go Direct Photogates (GDX-VPG) to time the Science Olympiad Scrambler event?

  196. How do I set up a Go Direct Photogate to collect data using Graphical Analysis 4?

  197. Do any of your sensors require special storage?

  198. My Vernier Projectile Launcher does not fire.

  199. LabQuest 2 e-mail gives a error "code 4" after you enter your password.

  200. How should I store Vernier products during the summer?

  201. My software does not recognize the Projectile Launcher.

  202. How do I calibrate a sensor in Logger Pro?

  203. Go Direct Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  204. Why can't I connect my GoDirect sensor to my Python program via USB on my Linux operating system?

  205. The readings from my Current and/or Voltage Probe are erratic, but if I measure the voltage with a multimeter instead, I get a solid reading. What is wrong with my sensor?

  206. How to restore LabPro firmware and update LabPro

  207. Go Direct Constant Current System Troubleshooting and FAQs

  208. How do I tell multiple Go Wireless devices apart?

  209. What is the minimum version of Logger Pro/Lite I can use with my hardware?

  210. Can I use my Radiation Montior with TI calculators?

  211. What is the best way to clean the glass bulb of the pH electrode?

  212. What do you have for STEM or engineering in elementary or middle school?

  213. Do you have Logger Pro for iPad?

  214. Independence of Motion Accessory Troubleshooting & FAQs

  215. How do you take apart a Vernier Dynamics Cart?

  216. Do you have a mercury or sodium discharge tube?

  217. How can I get a refund for a Vernier app purchased from the App Store?

  218. What do I need to purchase to do IB Physics?

  219. My Davis Weather station stopped working. What do I do?

  220. Trying to run an MS-DOS program from Windows 95 or Windows 98.

  221. Projectile launcher does not register block / unblock events.

  222. What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics 1 or 2?

  223. My forearm / foreleg is too big for the 14-inch strap that comes with the Goniometer? How can I attach the flexible arm to my limb?

  224. Go Direct Blood Pressure Troubleshooting and FAQs

  225. My WPA2 Enterprise network requires a certificate, how do I install it on LabQuest 2?

  226. Optimizing LabQuest battery life

  227. How can I use Vernier products to study muscle activity?

  228. Vernier Circuit Board 2 Troubleshooting and FAQs

  229. What is your privacy policy for Graphical Analysis and other Vernier applications?

  230. When using Mac OS X, why is the Logger Pro or Logger Lite window is missing, but the menu bar is visible.

  231. Can I use mBot with a Chromebook?

  232. My LabQuest 2 won't turn on and the screen stays black.

  233. Constant Current System Troubleshooting and FAQs

  234. What Is the Difference Between Auto-ID Sensors, Non-Auto-ID Sensors, and Smart Sensors?

  235. The Go! Extension for Scratch isn't loading.

  236. Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  237. My original LabQuest is displaying white text on a black screen and will not boot.

  238. How do I submit an innovative use for publication in the Caliper newsletter?

  239. LabQuest 2 Battery Troubleshooting and FAQs

  240. Scratch and Go! FAQs and Troubleshooting

  241. How to calibrate the O2 Gas Sensor (O2-BTA)

  242. Do I have an old or current Colorimeter?

  243. How can I update to new Vernier equipment and still make use of my old Vernier equipment?

  244. How do I repair a KidWind Mini Wind Turbine nacelle that is incorrectly wired?

  245. My Power Amplifier will produce an AC voltage but not a DC voltage

  246. Can I purchase the hoop bumpers separately from the Bumper and Launcher Kit?

  247. Can I use the PASCO Free Fall Adapter with the ULI, LabPro, or LabQuest?

  248. Readings from Vernier Energy Sensor are noisy.

  249. The peak heights on my Mini GC or Mini GC Plus are lower than they were previously.

  250. Do any of your sensors or accessories contain latex?

  251. Where can I buy the light source for the recommended photosynthesis setup?

  252. Can our sensors and Vernier Interface Shield be used with 3-volt Arduinos?

  253. Davis Vantage Troubleshooting and FAQs

  254. How do I access Logger Pro 3 installers and passwords from my account on the Vernier website?

  255. How do I create an account on your website?

  256. mBot Default Program details and troubleshooting

  257. How do you determine the uncertainties on the curve fit coefficients?

  258. Can I connect your digital microscopes and microscope imagers to a Chromebook?

  259. Are there options to protect my LabQuest from getting wet?

  260. Vernier Projectile Launcher Troubleshooting and FAQs

  261. FAQs for IT professionals at schools

  262. Can I use an ISE with Arduino?

  263. LabQuest 2.2 Release Notes

  264. How do I manually calibrate my sensor in Graphical Analysis 4?

  265. LabQuest 2 screen is unresponsive or acts like I am tapping on the wrong spot.

  266. How do I import a data file in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?

  267. Is there a way to force my bluetooth radio to load the Microsoft driver?

  268. LabQuest 2.2.1 Release Notes

  269. LabQuest Viewer App for iPad Troubleshooting and FAQs

  270. Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  271. The Time of Flight pad sometimes fails to work.

  272. Why is Graphical Analysis for Android requesting permission to see my location?

  273. What should I purchase for doing Amusement Park Physics?

  274. LabQuest Emulator Troubleshooting and FAQs

  275. Can Logger pro synchronize video with data that was imported from a third party data logger?

  276. Graphical Analysis on Android launches to a white screen

  277. How does Vernier Investigations for AP Chemistry align with the new CED from the College Board?

  278. (iPad) When I try to take a video in Video Physics, the image appears to be rotated.

  279. Do you have any experiments written for the LabQuest and the older model Colorimeter?

  280. Vernier Data Share (Android): When I try to Download Data, the download never completes.

  281. Vernier Website Accounts Troubleshooting and FAQs

  282. What do the LED lights on the LabQuest Charging Station signify?

  283. Graphical Analysis GW for iOS FAQ and Troubleshooting

  284. Can I use my Rotary Motion sensors with TI calculators?

  285. What are the similarities and differences between radiation monitors?

  286. LabQuest Viewer Computer Software Troubleshooting and FAQs

  287. Why do I get a WinUSB error with the Vernier LabVIEW 2009-2015 installer?

  288. What is the difference between Graphical Analysis 4 and Graphical Analysis 3?

  289. National Instruments LabVIEW Troubleshooting and FAQs

  290. How to make a cliphub

  291. Can I use my TI calculator as a function generator?

  292. Energy Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  293. How do I measure PAR from artificial lighting using the Vernier PAR Sensor ?

  294. My brand new LabQuest 2 battery doesn't work.

  295. How do I remove or replace a Go Wireless Link battery?

  296. How do I manually calibrate my sensor in Graphical Analysis 4 for iOS/Android?

  297. How do I manually calibrate my Go Wireless pH or EA in Graphical Analysis GW for iPad or Android?

  298. How do I update Graphical Analysis 4 on my Chromebook?

  299. Why doesn't the Wireless Sensors option in Graphical Analysis GW work on my Android device?

  300. Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  301. Can I use my Vernier "wired" sensors with Graphical Analysis 4 on an iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet, or other mobile devices?

  302. Can I calibrate my PAR Sensor using a standalone PAR Meter?

  303. Logger Pro crashes after opening a qmbl file from LabQuest.

  304. How do I install password-protected software from the Vernier website?

  305. Original LabQuest Battery Troubleshooting and FAQs

  306. The Data Sharing app is not plotting data on the graph when connected to a LabQuest 2. How can I fix this?

  307. How is the Vernier Circuit Board 2 different from the original Vernier Circuit Board?

  308. Does my VCB2 need to be recalled?

  309. Can I purchase individual parts from one of the KidWind kits?

  310. How can I tell which model iPad I have

  311. Go Direct Temperature sensor reports a constant value

  312. Why won't the Go! Extensions for Scratch run in Firefox?

  313. Conductivity Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  314. What is the best way to attach the Goniometer to a subject?

  315. How do I save a LabQuest experiment file to a USB flash drive or SD card?

  316. My power supply is making noise. Is that bad?

  317. Logger Lite Troubleshooting and FAQs

  318. Do you have a drop counter?

  319. How can I display both Absorbance and % Transmittance, from Spectrometer measurements, in Logger Pro 3?

  320. How do I set a system restore point in Windows?

  321. What are good practices for creating Logger Pro files for distribution?

  322. Flow Rate Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  323. mBot Troubleshooting and FAQs

  324. Motion Detector Troubleshooting and FAQs

  325. Does Vernier distribute LabVIEW for Education? What is it?

  326. Go Direct Motion Troubleshooting and FAQs

  327. Why does Logger Pro 3 (or Logger Lite) crash right after it opens?

  328. My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer is not found when I try to connect via Bluetooth.

  329. How do I use the function generator and analog output feature of LabPro?

  330. My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus is not identified in software when connected by USB.

  331. How do I export data from Video Physics to Graphical Analysis?

  332. What is the sampling rate for the Go! Extensions for Scratch? Can I change them?

  333. My calculator will not turn on.

  334. Logger Pro/Logger Lite gives an error about mfc140u.dll or 0xc000007b

  335. When installing Data Pro on a Mac running OS 10.x, I get - Error Creating File: 1008: 5, -5000. Access Denied Error.

  336. How do I enable Manual Configuration Mode in Logger Pro?

  337. Logger Pro can not connect to LabPro

  338. I cannot connect to mBot (iOS/Android).

  339. Graphical Analysis or Spectral Analysis launches on my Chromebook but won't connect to USB devices

  340. How do I get good CO2 and O2 gas data during photosynthesis?

  341. Graphical Analysis 3.x for Mac and Windows Troubleshooting and FAQs

  342. Centripetal Force Apparatus Troubleshooting and FAQs

  343. Can Logger Pro send data from a computer to iPads, Chromebooks, and tablets?

  344. Why are my voltage readings inaccurate when I measure half cells or batteries?

  345. Digital Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  346. How do I determine the type of ProScope I have?

  347. Vernier Circuit Board (original model) Troubleshooting and FAQs

  348. Are LabPro and Logger Pro compatible with Windows 3.1?

  349. Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Why do files of type .ga3 open in Logger Pro or files of type .cmbl open in Graphical Analysis?

  350. How do I connect my ULI to a Windows computer that does not have a serial port?

  351. How do you connect a Go!Motion or Go!Temp to my Hummingbird robot?

  352. How does a colorimeter compare to a spectrometer?

  353. Silent installer for Graphical Analysis 4

  354. How do I set up LabQuest 2 for Data Sharing?

  355. How to I set up my Raspberry Pi to use GDX sensor with Python?

  356. My LabQuest unit got very wet, and now it won't turn on. What can I do?

  357. What should I do if I have a piece of hardware that needs to be repaired?

  358. How to get good results with photosynthesis experiments when using a CO2 Gas Sensor.

  359. What is the best way to arrange the Dual-Range Force Sensor and PASCO masses on the same dynamics cart?

  360. How can I move data collected on a LabQuest 2 to Graphical Analysis 4 on a Chromebook if I can't use Wi-Fi?

  361. How can I improve my results with the Drop Counter?

  362. Is there a way to connect Vernier sensors to Pachube?

  363. DCU Power Output Pack (DCU-POP) Troubleshooting and FAQs

  364. How do I access my lab books from my account on the Vernier website?

  365. High Current Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  366. Where do I find electronic components for use with the Digital Control Unit (DCU)?

  367. How many data points can I collect with a calculator and DataMate?

  368. What equipment do I need for the LEGO-EV3 Engineering Projects book?

  369. How can I manually set up a nonauto-ID sensor in DataMate?

  370. How do I determine the best amount of load to use with my solar panel?

  371. What Vernier products do I need to order to implement a Real Time Physics program at my college?

  372. How do you use the Accessibility Menu items of Logger Pro?

  373. Can I use Vernier sensors with PASCO interfaces (or vice versa)?

  374. How can I install Logger Pro on several computers? Is there an MSI file or a silent installer?

  375. Storing data and experiments with Datamate

  376. Where can I find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals used at my school?

  377. My Vernier Structures & Materials Tester (VSMT) arrived with broken parts.

  378. What Vernier products are available for analytical chemistry?

  379. Why does GDX-ACC report inaccurate altitudes?

  380. What sensors are not supported by the LabQuest Emulator software?

  381. I am having trouble getting my original LabQuest to turn on/start up. (flowchart)

  382. Do I need to use a counter balance weight with my Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus?

  383. I'm not getting accurate results with the Chemical Polarimeter (CHEM-POL).

  384. My Go Direct Sensors won't connect to Graphical Analysis via USB on Windows or Mac.

  385. How do I replace the AC adapter port on an original LabQuest?

  386. Data Collection with Go Wireless pH/Electrode Amplifier FAQs

  387. I can't connect my sensor to Scratch.

  388. How do I decide which Dynamics Cart and Track System to purchase?

  389. Can I use National Instruments' NI myDAQ with Vernier sensors?

  390. I have trouble getting my LabQuest 2 to turn on/start up. (flowchart)

  391. What Bluetooth radio do I need for Go Direct Sensors and Python?

  392. Vernier Breadboard Cables Troubleshooting and FAQs

  393. Do you have a VPAT form for Pivot Interactives?

  394. Can I program my mBot via Bluetooth with mBlock 5 software?

  395. What signal sources can I use with the Power Amplifier?

  396. Go Wireless Link Troubleshooting and FAQs

  397. Which Vernier sensors are submersible in water?

  398. Go Direct Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode Troubleshooting and FAQs

  399. Logger Pro displays video as solid green

  400. Why is my acceleration data so noisy in a Half-Atwood machine?

  401. Can I use the Structures Tester for the Science Olympiad Boomilever event?

  402. Where can I use my Go Wireless (not Go Direct) sensors?

  403. Why should I switch from an air track to a dynamics track?

  404. How do I connect a LabQuest 2 to my network?

  405. LabQuest 2.8.5 Release Notes

  406. Why does Windows complain that the device drivers aren't signed?

  407. How do I calibrate the Relative Humidity Sensor?

  408. How do I use two motion detectors or two motion encoders at once to study collisions?

  409. How do I manually calibrate my sensor in LabQuest?

  410. Do you sell mouthpieces for the Spirometer that are reusable or autoclavable?

  411. I cannot connect to mBot (PC/Mac/ChromeOS).

  412. What chemicals can I use with your conductivity probes?

  413. Can the SpectroVis Plus be used with a Chromebook?

  414. How do I get good impulse momentum data for an inelastic collision using Motion Encoder?

  415. To which Arduino pins does the Vernier Interface Shield connect?

  416. Why does the LabQuest Emulator no longer work with my LabQuest?

  417. How do I remove a broken capillary tube from a Melt Station?

  418. What equipment do I need for the LEGO-NXT Engineering Projects book?

  419. Can I use Vernier sensors to investigate factors causing concussions?

  420. Why does my iPad keyboard cover the text entry fields in Graphical Analysis?

  421. LabQuest 2 will not connect to other devices on a certain networks, including guest networks.

  422. Which camera or microscope do I need to look at plant stomata, or to do stomatal counts?

  423. Does Vernier have a function generator for Chromebooks?

  424. Why won't my OHAUS Scout balance show negative values on LabQuest App?

  425. What is the difference between LabQuest 2, LabQuest Stream and LabQuest Mini?

  426. What is the best light source to make solar panels work indoors?

  427. Please notify me when you have product updates for Chromebooks.

  428. When I connect the FLIR ONEā„¢ camera to my device, I get a pop-up message that advises that FLIR ONE would like to communicate with the FLIR ONE Systems FLIR ONE Camera.

  429. FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera and Thermal Analysis App Troubleshooting and FAQs

  430. Can I use an Arduino Mega 2560 with the Vernier Interface Shield?

  431. How do I save and use a graph or csv data file from Graphical Analysis 4 on a Chromebook?

  432. How do I print from Graphical Analysis 4 or Spectral Analysis 4 on a Chromebook, computer, or mobile device?

  433. Windows reports 'MFPlat.DLL is missing from your computer' when launching Logger Pro; also MFReadWrite.DLL

  434. Will LabQuest 2 work on a 5 GHz-only network?

  435. Do Vernier sensors work with the Hummingbird robotics system made by Birdbrain Technologies?

  436. How do I deploy the Logger Pro silent installer with Group Policy?

  437. Why did you remove all the free PDF preview labs on your website?

  438. Spectral Analysis 4 Troubleshooting and FAQs

  439. Are your sensors compatible with Google Science Journal?

  440. How can I use probeware to investigate the science of a green roof?

  441. Go Direct Electrode Amplifier Troubleshooting and FAQs

  442. How to reinstall old USB drivers after installing Logger Pro 3.11 or newer.

  443. Go Direct Melt Station Troubleshooting and FAQs

  444. How to update firmware on Go Direct sensors

  445. LabQuest booted to a screen that lists LabQuest App and Audio Function Generator, but the LabQuest App will not open.

  446. What is "Live" mode in mBlock 5? Why would I use it?

  447. The centimeter-ruled strip on my track is coming off

  448. Sound Level Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  449. Where can I get VPAT forms for Vernier products?

  450. Do you have a white paper on the value of using probeware in science education?

  451. My Mac computer cannot connect to my mBot (mBlock 3 only).

  452. Go Direct Oxygen Gas Troubleshooting and FAQs

  453. LabQuest 2 screen is solid white, does not respond.

  454. Graphical Analysis and Spectral Analysis won't launch if there is no internet connection

  455. Go Direct Ion Selective Electrode Amplifier Troubleshooting and FAQs

  456. How do I map LabQuest data if I don't own Logger Pro?

  457. Scratch 3 and Go Direct Sensors FAQ and Troubleshooting

  458. What activities use the KidWind Power Output Pack?

  459. How do I attach my Go Direct Accelerometer to my experimental setup?

  460. How do you wire a stepper motor to the DCU?

  461. Is Vernier software compatible with Windows 10?

  462. Why doesn't my sound level meter read below 40 dB?

  463. How do I attach the Swivel Mount to the Rotary Motion Sensor?

  464. Can I order a custom LED for the Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrometer (VSP-FUV)?

  465. Go Direct Projectile Launcher Troubleshooting and FAQs

  466. Can I connect a Vernier interface to an iPad with a USB adapter?

  467. Can I use other sensors than those on the compatibility list with the Go!Link Extension for Scratch?

  468. How do I order Pivot Interactives?

  469. How do I change the units of measurement for my sensor in the Go!Link extension for Scratch?

  470. Do any Vernier products include chemicals listed in California's Proposition 65?

  471. Spectrum Tubes Troubleshooting and FAQs

  472. Where can I get replacement LEDs to use with the KidWind SimpleGEN?

  473. Go Direct Energy Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  474. Ocean Optics spectrometers fail to connect to a computer running Logger Pro for Windows (Windows 8,8.1,or 10).

  475. Graphical Analysis is not visible in the Chrome Web Store, or the store says that Graphical Analysis is not compatible with my device.

  476. Can a macOS Parental Controlled User Use Logger Pro 3?

  477. How do you change the number of decimal places displayed on LabQuest?

  478. Go Direct Sound Troubleshooting and FAQ

  479. How do I install a driver for LabQuest Viewer software to enable communication with LabQuest 2 via USB?

  480. With which rotary motion sensors does the Vernier Rotational Motion Accessory Kit (AK-RMV) work?

  481. How do you use the current and voltage controls of the Extech Power supply?

  482. Why doesn't my LabQuest unit recognize auto-ID sensors?

  483. LabQuest won't connect to Logger Pro.

  484. How do I reboot or reset a LabQuest?

  485. My USB drive is not recognized by LabQuest. What can I do?

  486. Can I get analog output from a LabQuest?

  487. What material are your Conductivity Probes made of?

  488. Go!Temp used to work, but now is not recognized by computer.

  489. My Dual-Range Force Sensor is noisy when used with a Motion Detector and LabPro.

  490. Do Ocean Optics USB4000 (UV-VIS and VIS-NIR) Spectrometers Work with LabQuest?

  491. LabQuest does not respond and the screen and power light are black.

  492. How do I change the batteries in the Cart Fan?

  493. Does the AIPTEK HD camera work with with Logger Pro?

  494. What products do I need to buy to use TI-Navigator if my class size is not 10 or 30 students?

  495. Is there a way to get the ProScope to focus when used with a microscope?

  496. Is there a screen protector available for LabQuest?

  497. The LED on my Go! device or LabQuest Mini is not green. What does that mean?

  498. Which printers are supported in LabQuest?

  499. Bluetooth Wireless FAQs

  500. Are there new Vernier Lab Books for LabQuest?

  501. Why is my SensorDAQ not working?

  502. My Vernier sensor does not seem to work with my EV3 LEGO Robot. How do I troubleshoot this?

  503. How do I get the sensor reading from the Vernier EV3 Sensor block connected to the Display block?

  504. Why don't I see the Vernier Sensor block in my MINDSTORMS EV3 Sensor palette?

  505. How can I check the TI-Nspire software version on my handheld?

  506. What are the system requirements for TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS computer software?

  507. What data-collection and analysis software do I use on the TI-Nspire products?

  508. When attempting to install the Logger Lite 1.4.1 Debian package on a Dell Mini 9, I receive the error message: "Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'"

  509. Logger Pro FAQs for video-related features

  510. Why won't my Logger Pro experiment file work with the Motion Encoder system?

  511. What are the software requirements for the Projectile Launcher?

  512. Problems with force sensor giving bad readings because hex barrel has been removed and improperly reinstalled.

  513. Can I play and analyze video files from DVDs, YouTube, or other web sites in Logger Pro?

  514. What are the differences between Logger Pro and Logger Lite?

  515. Logger Lite does not detect any sensors.

  516. The white light LED in the Optics Expansion Kit varies in brightness with time.

  517. Where does Logger Pro store experiment files?

  518. How can I overlay two emission spectra graphs in LoggerPro?

  519. Why are the force readings on my Structures and Materials Tester (VSMT) noisy?

  520. How do I dispose of my pH sensor?

  521. LabQuest: How can I manually set up a sensor that does not auto-ID?

  522. Where does Logger Pro install its sample video files on Windows?

  523. How do I set up LabPro and Logger Pro for remote data collection?

  524. Where can I get Go! Tweet? How can I send sensor data to Twitter?

  525. I am getting a "Battery Fault!!! Replace Battery" message on LabQuest.

  526. Can I use LabQuest's internal temperature and microphone sensors when connected to the computer?

  527. Power Amplifier Troubleshooting and FAQs

  528. LabQuest Updater Fails with the message, "The USB THUMB DRIVE is not configured correctly."

  529. My LabQuest froze after receiving a low battery warning and connecting to AC power.

  530. How do I dispose of a solution purchased from Vernier?

  531. How do I use the DO Probe for AP Bio Lab #12 when my sensor won't fit into the BOD bottle supplied with the Carolina and Ward's kits?

  532. How can I play Xvid codecs in QuickTime for Windows (from Flip cameras)

  533. Will Vernier Friction Pads work with Pasco carts?

  534. How do I improve the results from a Motion Detector with an air track?

  535. What size needle does the Mini GC require?

  536. Does Vernier still support the original CBL?

  537. Mac: When I update Logger Pro, the Logger Pro 3 folder in Applications does not contain the application itself.

  538. Will Vernier photogate brackets work with Pasco tracks?

  539. I can't import data from my TI-84 or TI-89 via the mini USB cable on Windows 8.

  540. Why doesn‘t my TI-82 identify my Auto-ID sensor in the DataMate program?

  541. Why am I getting a memory error when I transfer the DataMate application to my new TI-83 Plus calculator?

  542. My Colorimeter is not working properly. What should I do?

  543. Where can you purchase the ProTek Model 303 power supply mentioned in Physics with Computers/Calculators?

  544. How do you display the degree symbol and other special characters in Graphical Analysis or Logger Pro?

  545. Can the turbidity cuvettes be autoclaved?

  546. How do I connect my ULI or Serial Box Interface to a Macintosh that does not have a serial port?

  547. What do I do if the automatic LabPro OS update in Logger Pro 3 fails?

  548. How do I make an Auto-ID Resistance Probe?

  549. The Light Sensor reading fluctuates, but the light appears steady.

  550. How can I improve the readings I get with the Exercise Heart Rate Monitor?

  551. I get a link error when starting Datamate on a TI-83 Plus (SE).

  552. Logger Pro does not connect to the interface and reads "No Device Connected" in the toolbar.

  553. The pH electrode I have been using no longer seems to work or is slow to respond. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  554. I am using your Heart Rate Monitor with the earclip. What can I do to improve the results I am getting with this sensor?

  555. Where do I get pH or ORP Storage Solution? (Buffer Storage Solution)

  556. Can I load DataMate, Physics and Chembio on my calculator together?

  557. We currently use Graphical Analysis 2 (or 2.1, Windows or Macintosh) in our school. I would like to upgrade to the new Graphical Analysis 3 software. What is the order code and cost for this upgrade?

  558. Could I use one of your interfaces to connect the output of my third-party GC to your software?

  559. Can you create new match files for Logger Pro?

  560. What is a heat pulser and what do I need to use one? If I have an old Heat Pulser can it be modified to work with LabPro?

  561. What is the best procedure to get a clean sine wave when using a tuning fork with the microphone?

  562. How do I prevent my LabPro interfaces from being stolen?

  563. Can LabPro handle 220 V with the appropriate adapter?

  564. I am designing a new school; where can I find a good resources for classroom design?

  565. Can I use your equipment for a bridge-building contest?

  566. Can I use LabPro with LabVIEW?

  567. Logger Lite does not find my LabPro.

  568. Charge Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  569. Dual-Range Force Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  570. Voltage Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  571. Respiration Monitor Belt Troubleshooting and FAQs

  572. EKG Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  573. Light Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  574. Electrode Amplifier Troubleshooting and FAQs

  575. Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode Troubleshooting and FAQs

  576. How should I organize my Vernier equipment?

  577. WDSS Troubleshooting and FAQs

  578. Why can't I import data from my TI-84 or TI-89?

  579. What sensors work with EasyLink and EasyData?

  580. ORP Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  581. Relative Humidity Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  582. Barometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  583. When I perform a HotSync, my data does not appear in Logger Pro.

  584. How do you use an Instrumentation Amplifier with a TI Graphing Calculator?

  585. Why am I having trouble with HotSync on a Palm handheld?

  586. Why does Windows keep reinstalling the LabPro USB drivers for student accounts?

  587. Can your force sensors be used in a test section of a wind tunnel for educational demonstrations?

  588. What Vernier software works with Windows XP SP2?

  589. Can you calibrate a Stainless Steel Temperature Probe?

  590. Where can I purchase a multimeter to use with my KidWind kits?

  591. Graphical Analysis 4 Bluetooth issues on Windows 10: Do I need to pair?

  592. My movie doesn't open in Logger Pro. What can I do?

  593. Where can I purchase a UV light source?

  594. Is there a USB driver-only installer for the LabPro/LabQuest Mini/original LabQuest/LabQuest Stream?

  595. How do I set the time, date, and timezone in LabQuest?

  596. How do I use Vernier Video Physics to analyze video recorded on a different device?

  597. Are Vernier sensors compatible with the Ward's DataHub?

  598. Can I make a template for data collection on LabQuest?

  599. So you have an SDK?

  600. How do I set the clock and time zone on LabQuest 2?

  601. Logger Pro Update for Mac fails with a message about not being able to find an older version.

  602. Which generator should I use to pump water?

  603. How do I know if my LabQuest 2 will work with Go Direct Sensors and Go Wireless devices?

  604. LabQuest 2.1 Release Notes

  605. Which Motion Detector model do I have?

  606. I import an mp4 created by an Android device and the movie displays as a black box.

  607. What sensors are supported by Go Wireless Link when using Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?

  608. When I tap on an email attachment to open it in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS, it doesn't work.

  609. Which motion detector should I buy? What are the differences between them?

  610. Which fluorescent stains or dyes work with the BlueView Transilluminator?

  611. Can I inject water into the Mini GC or the Mini GC Plus?

  612. How do I change the color of the points plotted in video analysis in Logger Pro?

  613. How do I get my LabQuest 2 Periodic_Table_Data file to update?

  614. How come my Arduino sketch to control a servo motor with the DCU is not working?

  615. Will you help my child complete a science fair project?

  616. My TI calculator will not turn on, what can I do?

  617. I have applied the LabQuest update and still have battery issues, what should I do?

  618. My LEGO EV3 program is not working. How do I start troubleshooting?

  619. What can I do to make my Vernier sensor readings more steady in my EV3 program?

  620. Goniometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  621. Is there a good way to attach the EKG sensor to the stationary arm of the Goniometer so the sensor box is out of the way during experiments?

  622. Ethanol Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQ

  623. Are the LabQuest 2 device drivers installed correctly?

  624. Mini GC Plus Gas Chromatograph Troubleshooting and FAQs

  625. Is your software compatible with Windows 8.1?

  626. How can I use Vernier sensors to measure sports activities?

  627. Can I use Chromebooks, iPads, or Android tablets for the PLTW courses (Biomedical, Engineering, etc.)?

  628. The KidWind Mini Turbine does not light the red LED or work the sound and light board.

  629. LabQuest 2.3.3 and 2.3.1 Release Notes

  630. iOS: If I already own a copy of Video Physics can I download it to another device for free?

  631. What devices having Bluetooth low energy technology are supported by NODE?

  632. Updated information on the late-2013 to early-2014 dynamics cart friction issue

  633. Logger Pro can't find QuickTime even after I've reinstalled it.

  634. Do Go Wireless products work with computers?

  635. How do I move data from a LabQuest to a computer?

  636. Can I buy a plunger-equipped encoder cart?

  637. Which Braille Embossers does Logger Pro Support?

  638. How do I configure the data-collect software to use an older sensor that does not Auto-ID?

  639. Do you have a VPAT form for the TI-84 SmartView software?

  640. What software do I need to use a Vernier Energy Sensor?

  641. What are the specifications for the KidWind water pump?

  642. My NODE is not working. What can I do?

  643. Go Wireless Temp Troubleshooting and FAQs

  644. Which NODE sensors and modules are supported by Graphical Analysis for IOS?

  645. How do I access LabQuest Viewer installers and password from my account on the Vernier website?

  646. Does Vernier charge for repairs?

  647. Does my Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer firmware need to be updated?

  648. What does the button do on Go Wireless sensors?

  649. My BlueView orange lid show a fuzzy glow with or with out a gel being present. What should I do?

  650. Motion Encoder System Troubleshooting and FAQs

  651. Why don't the resonant frequencies of my braided string match those in the Teacher Information section of Experiment 3 in Advanced Physics with Vernier - Beyond Mechanics?

  652. Do you sell additional terminal blocks for the Sensor DAQ?

  653. How do I change units for Go Wireless Temp?

  654. What can I do about corrosion on the launch ball for the Vernier Projectile Launcher?

  655. Where do I find a replacement power brick and cable for my BlueView Transilluminator?

  656. Is your software compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

  657. How do I save a custom calibration to my pH sensor?

  658. How do I attach the Motion Detector bracket to the Vernier track?

  659. How can I get more Vernier lab instructions on my LabQuest?

  660. How can I share my Video Physics project on YouTube?

  661. WDSS flashes red continuously.

  662. I can't add points to a movie with frame rate override.

  663. Data collected with LabQuest Mini are very noisy, or triggering fails.

  664. How can I zero the sensor readings on my EV3?

  665. When I perform video analysis on a movie with a VERY high frame rate, the points do not sync with the movie during playback.

  666. Can I use the Moment of Inertia Accessory kit with the original CFA?

  667. I cannot log in to the Vernier website.

  668. I am using a third-party electrode with your Electrode Amplifier. How do I calibrate the electrode in LoggerPro 3?

  669. I am a KidWind wind senator. How can I access the Logger Pro software?

  670. What is the Data Matrix and how is it used?

  671. How can I use a Vernier Photogate to measure g?

  672. Why does my photogate record a really high velocity at the beginning of a trial with a picket fence?

  673. Will the Heat Pulser work with LabQuest, LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, or LabQuest Stream?

  674. Does Vernier have any labs that relate to climate change?

  675. What is the uncertainty of my sensor?

  676. Melt Station Troubleshooting and FAQs

  677. Can I use Vernier Video Physics with my Dropbox account?

  678. Go Wireless pH Troubleshooting and FAQs

  679. Go Wireless Temp - Data Collection Details

  680. How can I test if my computer will work in an online workshop?

  681. Video Physics Troubleshooting and FAQs

  682. What do I do about mold growth in my bottle of pH electrode storage solution?

  683. When I attempt to download a cmbl file from a website all I see is a bunch of code.

  684. How do I install the Jungo WinDriver for LabPro, LabQuest, and LabQuest Mini manually?

  685. LabQuest 2 FAQs

  686. How do I set up a LabQuest-generated network on LabQuest 2?

  687. Downlaoding data from the Vernier Data Share web app gives me the error "This file type is not supported" when openign the file on a Chromebook.

  688. How do I transfer LabQuest data to Google Drive for use as a spreadsheet?

  689. How do I set up LabQuest 2 to email data with a Gmail account?

  690. Data Sharing - Connected Science System FAQ and Troubleshooting

  691. How do I display a QR code on LabQuest 2?

  692. How do I calibrate a COL-DIN Colorimeter using a stand alone LabQuest 2?

  693. In the LabQuest network configuration dialog I don't see the checkbox to enable the WiFi radio.

  694. What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics C?

  695. How do I use Data Sharing when the source is on a different subnet?

  696. Why can't I see Vernier Data Share when I enter the correct address in a browser?

  697. My LabQuest 2 locks up or is not identified when connected to a SpectroVis Plus.

  698. My Windows computer fails to install a driver when using LabQuest Viewer software with a LabQuest 2 via USB connection.

  699. How do you level the Projectile Launcher?

  700. Can I use the 64-bit version of LabVIEW with a Vernier interface?

  701. Can my Vernier-branded spectrometer be reconditioned? Can the lamp in my spectrometer be replaced?

  702. Does LabQuest print to the HP LaserJet P1606dn?

  703. Why does Port View indicate I have plugged in an NXT Sound Sensor when I have a Vernier sensor connected?

  704. When I use the Vernier EV3 Sensor Block why is there an exclamation point above the port number?

  705. How do I get an A260/A280 value with your UV-vis spectrometers in Logger Pro?

  706. Mac: How to recover from a bad datashare installation path?

  707. A mass fell into my Motion Detector and dented the screen. Can the gold mesh screen be repaired?

  708. My Vernier Projectile Launcher disappears or identifies as the wrong sensor in LabQuest App after firing.

  709. Can I use National Instruments' NI ELVIS with Vernier sensors?

  710. Eddy Current Brake Troubleshooting and FAQs

  711. What is the maximum number of points I can collect/what is the maximum number of sensors or interfaces I can use?

  712. Time of Flight Pad Troubleshooting and FAQs

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