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Free STEM Professional Development Workshops

Free, hands-on training helps you integrate data-collection technology into your science curriculum.

Calling all science educators! Step out of your classrooms and join us for a four-hour exploration of the latest and greatest in probeware and data-collection technology.

Whether you’re currently using data-collection technology in your science classroom or just exploring the use of probeware, join us for a hands-on training opportunity led by a former science educator with years of classroom experience. Connect with peers to share ideas and leave with classroom-ready experiments that will have a positive impact on your students all year.

You’ll leave the workshop ready to excite your students’ learning with data collection. And, to make it even easier, you’ll receive a free Go Direct® Temperature Probe and instructions to download the Workshop Training Manual, which includes ready-to-use lab handouts for all science disciplines.

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Benefits of attending

  • Participate in hands-on training led by an experienced science educator.
  • Collaborate, share ideas, and learn with your peers.
  • Explore age-appropriate, classroom-ready experiments.
  • Learn about Vernier technology solutions for biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and coding.

Attendees receive

Hands-On Training for All Science Educators

Get ready to explore some of these popular labs, designed to meet the needs of teachers across a wide variety of grade levels and STEM disciplines.

After a brief introduction and overview, you will have the opportunity to try the experiments that interest you. A sample of the experiments include:


  • In “Impulse and Momentum” use a Go Direct® Sensor Cart to determine impulse and change in momentum based on measurements of force and velocity.
  • Explore Newton’s second law using a Force and Acceleration Sensor.


  • Use a Colorimeter to determine the concentration of a nickel sulfate solution in the “Beer’s Law” lab.
  • Investigate the conductivity and concentration of solutions with a Conductivity Probe in the “Conductivity of Solutions” lab.


  • Measure concentrations of carbon dioxide during cell respiration with a CO2 Gas Sensor.
  • In the “Monitoring EKG” lab, you’ll strap on an EKG Sensor and graph your own heart’s electrical activity!

Environmental/Earth Science

  • Explore exciting classroom applications for the built-in GPS sensor that comes in LabQuest 2.
  • In “Exploring Magnetism,” you’ll measure and manipulate the strength of magnetic fields using a Magnetic Field Sensor.

K-8 Science Education

  • Use a Heart Rate Monitor to measure your heart rate before and after exercise in the “Heart Rate and Exercise” experiment.
  • In “Learning to Use a Motion Detector,” you’ll use a Motion Detector to measure the position of objects as they move.

Coding with Vernier

Explore coding and robotics using mBot and Scratch-based software in the “Follow-the-Line,” activity.

Upcoming Professional Development Workshops

Location Date
Oklahoma City, OK09/17/19
Richmond, VA09/17/19
Washington , DC09/18/19
Kansas City, MO09/19/19
St Louis, MO09/21/19
Indianapolis, IN09/23/19
Buffalo (Cheektowaga), NY09/23/19
Rochester, NY09/24/19
Cincinnati, OH09/24/19
Louisville, KY09/25/19
Albany, NY09/26/19
Los Angeles (Burbank), CA10/01/19
Palo Alto (Redwood City), CA10/03/19
Madison (Middleton), WI10/07/19
Minneapolis (St Paul), MN10/09/19
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LabQuest 2 Workshop Package

Special Savings Along with Expert Training

Our workshop packages make it affordable to add a Vernier technology purchase to your free workshop. You can add a workshop package when you register for a specific workshop.

Professional Development Workshop
  • Four hours of training
  • Complimentary meal
  • Workshop Training Manual download
  • Go Direct® Temperature Probe
Professional Development Workshop with LabQuest 2 Workshop Package

Professional Development Workshop

  • LabQuest 2
  • Logger Lite software (free download)
  • Temperature Probe
$328* Save $30
Professional Development Workshop with Go Direct Workshop Package

Professional Development Workshop

  • Go Direct® Temperature Probe
  • Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
  • Graphical Analysis 4 (free app)
$237* Save $20
Professional Development Workshop with LabQuest Mini Workshop Package

Professional Development Workshop

  • LabQuest Mini
  • Logger Lite software (free download)
  • Temperature Probe
$163* Save $15

* Price does not include shipping and applicable taxes.

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Attendee Quote

“This was a great experience, teacher focused, with time to simply play and experiment and get any questions answered.”

Jeremy R., Biology Teacher, Columbus, OH
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