Robert O’Connor, biology teacher at Kenmore East High School in Tonawanda, NY, worked with student, Michael Starr, to set up a reptile enclosure to house a black and white tegu. The activity was Mike’s senior independent study project. The enclosure included a waterfall and various shelves for basking spots. The lights and waterfall were equipped with timers so they would not run continuously.

Once the enclosure was complete, Mike researched the tegu’s specific needs for temperature and humidity. To ensure the enclosure would meet these needs, Mike set up Stainless Steel Temperature Probes in four areas of the enclosure and collected data every 15 minutes over a 24-hour period. Mike used the data to adjust the timers on the lights in order to keep the temperature in the enclosure within acceptable limits for the tegu.

Below are some of Mike’s data. One temperature probe was located under a heating pad located on the highest shelf. The heating pad was not on a timer.