The Vernier Go Direct family of sensors recently received an ‘Outstanding’ review from The EdTech Roundup. In the article, “Vernier Go Direct Sensors: Collect Data Wirelessly in the K-12 Science Classroom,” editor Mike Karlin discusses the sensors’ wireless functionality, durability, and ease of use. He specifically highlights the Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor, saying:

“Just like Vernier’s previous generations of sensors, I found the force and acceleration sensor to be sturdy, and well-built. They’re definitely ready to stand up to life in the classroom.”

He concludes the review by saying:

“Overall, I think Vernier has built a solid line of sensors that are well-suited for the modern, 1:1 classroom. Students can easily collect data, regardless of the type of device they’re using. Plus, Vernier’s collection of standards-aligned lesson plans offers teachers great ideas for how to integrate these probes and experiments into the classroom.”

The Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor couples a 3-axis accelerometer with a stable and accurate force sensor that measures forces as small as ±0.1 N and up to ±50 N. Students can use the sensor to measure pushes and pulls during investigations in the classroom and out in the field.

Go Direct sensors offer teachers and students maximum versatility to collect scientific data either wirelessly or via a USB connection. These Go Direct sensors for chemistry, biology, physics, and more can be used in hundreds of teacher-tested experiments developed by Vernier and are supported by free graphing and analysis software, the Graphical Analysis™ 4 app.

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