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The Great American Eclipse

On August 21st, many people in the United States will have their first chance in 38 years to experience a total solar eclipse. It is being called the Great American Eclipse, because it is a total eclipse only in the United States, and the path of totality extends all the way from Oregon to South Carolina.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to collect and share data using Vernier technology. We invite you to join us as we experience this spectacular astronomical event.

Dave’s Eclipse Tips

Tip 1

Never look directly at the sun

Never look directly at the sun, except when the sun is completely blocked by the moon. During the partial phase of the eclipse, you will need glasses for viewing the sun.

Tip 2

Be in the path of totality

As the eclipse approaches totality, the brightness of the sky dims to a point where Venus and Jupiter start to become visible.

Tip 3

Collect data during the eclipse

It takes at least an hour from when the moon first starts to obscure the sun until totality. You then have the same amount of time after the eclipse until the sun is completely unblocked.

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Vernier Eclipse Glasses

Make sure you are prepared to see this spectacular event with our special edition eclipse glasses.
Classroom packs of 40 are available for $16, while supplies last.
For sale to educational purchasers only.

See the safety specifications for our eclipse glasses

Dave Vernier in the Australian Outback collecting data during a 2002 total solar eclipse with a very old laptop and a Palm Pilot
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