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Using the VernierLib Library

Arduino libraries are packaged sections of code that allow you to add functionality to a sketch. Libraries can significantly simplify the development process. The VernierLib library includes functions to auto-ID analog sensors, add units to data values, or build sensor-based systems with the DCU.

The preferred way to import this library is to use the Manage Library function within the Arduino IDE. This will ensure that you have the latest version of the library.

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the Arduino IDE. You can download it from the Arduino website.

Installing the VernierLib Library

  1. Open the Arduino IDE.
  2. From the Sketch menu, choose Include Library, then Manage Libraries.
  3. A Library Manager interface will open. Type Vernier into the search.
  4. Select VernierLib.
  5. Click Install.

Programming with the VernierLib Library

To access the functions in the VernierLib library, you must start each sketch with the following two statements:

#include “VernierLib.h”
VernierLib Vernier;

This library simplifies writing Arduino sketches for Vernier sensors. The individual functions included in the library are described throughout this tutorial.

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