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Hands-On Science Learning from the Inside Out

Streamline human physiology lessons with easy, engaging data-collection solutions from Vernier. Our tools promote hands-on learning that helps deepen comprehension about how our bodies work—and gets students excited about studying human physiology.

Human Physiology

Build a foundation of biomedical science with our hands‑on data‑collection technology that measures heart rate, EKG, EMG, blood pressure, and lung function.

Go Direct® EKG
Effect of Exercise on Oxygen Usage
Lung Volumes and Capacities

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Simplify Your Lab with Our All-in-One Physiology Package

Get all the sensors you need for lab group work in our Physiology Go Direct® Starter Package! This package includes seven sensors featured in experiments from our Human Physiology Experiments: Volume 1 and Human Physiology Experiments: Volume 2 lab books and are all supported by the Vernier Graphical Analysis® app.

Human Physiology Go Direct Starter Package

Software for Human Physiology

Collect, Graph, and Analyze Data in Real Time

Help students form critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world. With the Graphical Analysis app, students can visualize and interact with experiment data collected with nearly any Vernier sensor.

Explore the Science of Human Movement

The Vernier Video Analysis® app simplifies video analysis for students, providing an easy-to-use platform to study human movement. Students can record videos of running, jumping, or other sports activities and then analyze the motion in the app to determine step rate, cadence, stride length, and more. Bring video analysis to all your students regardless of device—it even works with Chromebooks!

High school students using Vernier Video Analysis

The Skin You’re In: Using Vernier Sensors to Teach Human Physiology

Help your students get to know the skin they’re in with our human physiology sensors! Watch our Director of Biology John Melville, PhD, demonstrate how to use our Go Direct Hand Dynamometer and Go Direct EKG Sensor.

Go Direct EKG

Answers to the Top Three Questions about the Go Direct EKG Sensor

Cut your lab time in half with our easy-to-use Go Direct EKG! Learn more about what an EKG signal should look like, how to use an EKG sensor for electromyography, and where to place electrodes for optimal data.

Convert Your Force Sensor into a Reflex Hammer

The Reflex Hammer Accessory Kit converts your Vernier force sensor into a reflex hammer. Use it to capture the strike of the hammer on a tendon. When used with an EKG sensor to record EMGs, students can study reflexes. By comparing the timing of the strike to the timing of the muscle activity, students can calculate the time required for a reflex to occur.

Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor with Reflex Hammer Accessory Kit
Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science

PLTW Biomedical Science (9–12) inspires students to make an impact on others’ lives and empowers them to pursue their life and career goals—whether they are aspiring health professionals, budding biomedical engineers, or future community health leaders.

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