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OpenSciEd and Vernier Software & Technology


Students learn by doing. Hands-on investigations challenge students to sharpen critical thinking skills and help teachers as they support the three-dimensional learning approach. Our new partnership with OpenSciEd gives middle school teachers access to free high-quality instructional materials that integrate our data-collection technology and align with the Next Generation Science Standards.

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OpenSciEd is a nonprofit with a goal of improving the quality
of—and access to—science-focused instructional materials.

Getting Started with OpenSciEd and Vernier

When Vernier technology is paired with OpenSciEd’s curriculum, students establish a deep understanding of critical scientific concepts through data collection. 


Download the complete unit from OpenSciEd to access PDFs and editable Google Docs for each lesson.


For instructions on integrating Vernier data-collection technology into specific OpenSciEd lessons, download the Vernier Supplement. Learn more about the available Vernier Supplements below.

Available Vernier Supplements

6th Grade

Unit 6.1 – Light & Matter 

Unit 6.2 – Thermal Energy 

Unit 6.3 – Weather, Climate, and Water Cycling
7th Grade

Unit 7.3 – Metabolic Reactions

Unit 7.4 – Matter Cycling and Photosynthesis

8th Grade

Unit 8.1 – Contact Forces

Unit 8.2 – Sound Waves

Unit 8.3 – Forces at a Distance