Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct® Sensor Cart

Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct® Sensor Cart

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Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct® Sensor Cart


This download includes seven motion and force experiments for middle school students that can be done with Go Direct Sensor Cart. The experiments are suitable for grades 6–9.


With Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct® Sensor Cart, your students will explore the force of friction, aspects of motion, and simple machines such as the lever, ramp, and pulley, all using Go Direct Sensor Cart and materials typically found in the classroom.

Table of Contents

ExperimentSuggested Products
1Investigating FrictionGo Direct® Sensor Cart
2Levers as MachinesGo Direct® Sensor Cart
3Pulleys as MachinesGo Direct® Sensor Cart
4Ramps as MachinesGo Direct® Sensor Cart
5Getting FasterGo Direct® Sensor Cart
6Crash TestGo Direct® Sensor Cart
7Newton's Second LawGo Direct® Sensor Cart, Mass DTS

What's Included

  • Seven ready-to-use student experiments
  • Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
  • Instructions for data collection with Graphical Analysis 4
  • Essential instructor information including teaching tips, suggested answers, and sample data and graphs
  • Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
  • Complete equipment and supplies list
  • A generous site license—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class


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