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Google Science Journal

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Google Science Journal

Vernier Go Direct® Technology Provides Real-Time Graphing in the Google Science Journal App for Android.

Vernier inspires scientific curiosity in students in over 150 countries. We are committed to developing sensor technology that helps students understand the world around them and inspires them to be makers.

We partnered with Google because they share this vision, and we are the first probeware company to provide real-time graphing for students in Google Science Journal.

Google Science Journal requires Graphical Analysis 4 installed to use Vernier Go Direct® sensors.


With Google Science Journal, your students can organize their ideas into projects, make predictions, take notes, collect data in multiple trials, and then annotate results. Simply connect a compatible Go Direct sensor to begin wirelessly streaming data to your Android device.

Google Science Journal requires Graphical Analysis 4 installed to use Vernier Go Direct® sensors.


  • Collect and graph time-based data
  • Connect multiple sensors
  • Examine points
  • Find the min, max, and mean
  • Add annotations
  • Upload an image of the experiment
  • Record observations and summarize results in Notes
  • Use the accessibility feature to illustrate data with sound
  • Export data as a CSV file

Compatible Devices and Software

You will need our Graphical Analysis 4 app to use supported Go Direct sensors.



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