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Resonance Apparatus

Resonance Apparatus

Resonance Apparatus


The Resonance Apparatus is used for the classic experiment of determining the speed of sound using the principle of resonance in a tube closed at one end. Fill the apparatus with water and use a tuning fork or the included speaker to produce sound. Listen for the resonance while moving the inner tube, or use a sound sensor to locate the resonance lengths.

Education Levels

Our Resonance Apparatus is compact for easy storage and more durable than glass models. Fill with water and raise and lower the inner tube instead of using a reservoir to control the length of the air column.

We recommend the use of a signal generator such as a LabQuest 3* or the Frequency Generator with the included mini speaker and a sensor such as the Go Direct Sound. Basic use instructions are included.

To relate the speed of sound to temperature, you will need a thermometer or temperature probe.

* Can also be used with the original LabQuest or LabQuest 2

Determine the Speed of Sound Using the Principle of Resonance
Determine the Speed of Sound Using the Principle of Resonance (1:19)


  • Outer cylinder: 10 x 10 x 49 cm
  • Inner cylinder: 6 × 7 × 48 cm
  • Assembled: 53 cm tall
  • Measurement range: 0.03–0.46 m
  • Mini speaker: 8Ω  400 Hz–8 kHz
  • Shipped mass: 1.2 kg


High School (1 experiments)
College (1 experiments)

What's Included

  • Main tube
  • Inner tube
  • Audio cable
  • Speaker with attachment screw and ⅛” mono plug



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