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Keep Students Coding with These Vernier Coding Activities with Arduino®

These free starter activities are designed to provide an introduction to coding as well as a lesson in sensor technology using Vernier sensors and Arduino microcontrollers. Students get excited when they see coding come to life through hands-on technology. Integrating Vernier sensor technology with Arduino shows students how the physical world connects to the computer-centric activity of learning to code.

There are four activities in this series, along with a step-by-step teacher guide. Students begin with the basics of coding with an Arduino and quickly move to integrating Vernier sensors into code.

  • Introduction to Arduino Programming: Students learn how to connect Arduino to their computer or Chromebook™ and modify the Blink program. Success in this activity enhances student confidence in the activities that follow.
  • Using Vernier Sensors with Arduino: Students are introduced to methods for connecting Vernier sensors to Arduino and observe the output from the sensor in the Serial Monitor.
  • Calibrating a Sensor: Students learn how Vernier sensors convert electrical signals into sensor readings.
  • Displaying Data: Students gain practical experience formatting output in the Serial Plotter and the Serial Monitor. 

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