Coding Activities

Keep Students Coding with These Scratch Activities

Each of the free activities below includes step-by-step instructions and sample code for students and educators. Each activity uses the free online Scratch Editor requiring no software installs.

Designed for beginning coders, this activity challenges students to use block-based coding to tell the story of Isaac Newton’s “year of wonders.” Once they’ve told the story of Newton in quarantine, they can use code to tell their own stories about their lives in quarantine.

For beginning coders, this activity starts with a nearly empty Scratch project that includes only a highway backdrop and a pair of sample sprites for an ambulance and car. When students are finished, they will have a playable game.

In this coding activity, students use the block-based coding to build a lunar lander game with custom sprites and stages. 

Students code an interactive sustainable living poster promoting green-living ideas with their peers. 

For more advanced coders, this activity combines coding and an exploration of the ideal gas laws. Students can change multiple variables and observe changes.