SAM Labs and Vernier Go Direct® Sensors


Bring STEAM, scientific data collection, and coding to life for your middle school students with SAM Labs and Vernier technology. You don’t have to be a tech expert to give your students rigorous and engaging STEAM learning experiences. Our customized packages provide everything you need to get started, including Vernier Go Direct® sensors, SAM Labs output blocks, free step-by-step activities, and world-class support.

Why Choose Vernier Coding with SAM Labs?

  • SAM Labs’ wireless-enabled output blocks are easy to integrate with Vernier Go Direct® sensors when coding within Google Workbench, which helps boost learning and strengthens critical thinking skills.
  • Our ready-to-use customized packages of Vernier Go Direct® sensors and SAM output blocks make it easy to engage students in scientific discovery and introductory block-based programming.
  • Free, engaging activities based on common science topics help get you started right away combining data collection with computer science.
  • Our customized packages are simple to integrate into your classroom or to send home with students as they learn remotely.

Use Vernier Sensors with SAM Labs

Using any of the compatible Vernier sensors pictured below, your students can collect real-time experiment data to bring their SAM Labs project to life in Google Workbench—enhancing learning and enabling them to create anything from simple reactions to complex creations in just minutes. We also offer custom packages of Vernier sensors and SAM Labs output blocks, so it’s easy to order a complete package or customize a la carte to suit your unique needs.

Getting Started in Google Workbench

Google Workbench is a platform for educators to discover, create, customize, and share quality learning content. Unlike the SAM Space app, Google Workbench provides compatibility between Vernier sensors and SAM Labs output blocks for data collection within its block-based programming environment. Vernier and SAM Labs have developed activities to support data collection and middle school science learning objectives.

To get started with these activities, simply download the step-by-step lesson plan and student-facing slides, then have your students access Google Workbench to load the student-facing activity.

Force–Download Forces and Springs Activity

Magnetism–Download Electromagnetism Activity

Motion–Download Ball Toss Activity

Sound–Download Sound Level Spotlight Activity

Temperature–Download Temperature Tester Activity