Vernier sells four different heart rate monitors (Go Wireless Heart Rate, Go Wireless Exercise Heart Rate, Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor and the Exercise Heart Rate Monitor). All of these heart rate monitors use a Polar Transmitter Module. Heart rate sensors sold before December of 2020 came with the Polar H7 module. This module was discontinued in 2020. Heart rate sensors sold after December of 2020 come with a Polar H9 Module. Polar also sells an H10 module. Each module is easy to identify based on shape and color. The Polar H7 is black. The words Bluetooth are also clearly seen below the Polar logo on the front of the module. The Polar H9 has a grey label and just has the Polar logo on the front of the module. The Polar H10 has a black label. Be advised that Polar H1 and Polar H2 modules are also black. If you have a module that looks like the Polar H10, verify that it is by finding the model number on the back of the module.

The Polar H7, H9, and H10 modules are compatible with Vernier products. The Go Wireless Exercise Heart Rate and the Exercise Heart Rate Monitor both come with an Exercise Heart Strap. The strap will accept any of these modules. The Go Wireless Heart Rate and the Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitors come with a set of Hand Grips. The Hand Grips were modified in 2020 to accept the Polar H7 and the new modules (H9, H10). Hand Grips sold before July of 2020 will not accept the Polar H9 or H10 modules.

Polar Heart Rate Modules (H7, H9, H10)