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Surface Temperature Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

Surface Temperature Sensor, order code STS-BTA, $23
Specifications and User Guide

STS-BTA is for use in measuring temperatures IN AIR ONLY.

-Primary Test: Plug in the sensor and start up the data-collection program. Temperature readings should appear on the main screen of the program. Hold the tip of the sensor to warm it and check that the temperature is changing.

-Secondary Test: (calculator only) if the main screen displays -999.9 as the temperature reading, press the CLEAR key to reset the program.

-Secondary Test: (Palm handheld only) if the main screen displays -999.9 as the temperature reading, tap the New button to reset the program.

-TIL 2345: Why does my temperature sensor read a value that does not change and is very high/low?
-TIL 3805: My temperature sensor reads 80C at room temperature on a LabQuest 2.

-new order code: STS-BTA
-old order code: none
-Range: -25 deg C to 125 deg C
-Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150 deg C
-Typical Accuracy: +/- 0.2 deg C at 0 deg C, +/- 0.5 deg C at 100 deg C
-12-bit resolution: (with LabPro or Go! Link) 0.08 deg C (-25 to 0 deg C); 0.03 deg C (0 to 40 deg C); 0.1 deg C (40 to 100 deg C); 0.25 deg C (100 to 125 deg C)
-10-bit resolution: (with CBL or CBL II) 0.32 deg C (-25 to 0 deg C); 0.12 deg C (0 to 40 deg C); 0.4 deg C (40 to 100 deg C); 1.0 deg C (100 to 125 deg C)
-Temperature sensor: 20 kΩ NTC Thermistor
-Response time: (time for a 90% change in reading)
50 seconds in still air
20 seconds in moving air
-Probe length (handle plus body): 15.5 cm

-Calibrate? No.
-If you find that you need to calibrate this sensor, it can be calibrated using LoggerPro 3.3 or newer. Because the sensor requires a 3-point calibration, it cannot be calibrated with a calculator or a Palm, or earlier versions of LoggerPro.

-Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, order code TMP-BTA, $29
-Extra Long Temperature Probe, order code TPL-BTA, $99
-Wide-Range Temperature Probe, order code WRT-BTA, $82, (for use with temperature range of –20 to 330 deg C (–4 to 626 deg F))
-Thermocouple, order code TCA-BTA, $69, (for use with super-cooled liquids and flame)
-Infrared Thermometer, order code IRT-BTA, $179, (non-contact temperature meaurements)
-Go!Temp, order code GO-TEMP, $39, (direct USB connection to computers or labQuest)

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