Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (TMP-BTA)
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Plug in the sensor and run the data-collection program. Hold the tip of the sensor in your hand and check for the temperature readings to change.
-Secondary Test (calculator only). If the main screen of DataMate displays -999.9 as the temperature reading, press the CLEAR key to reset the program.

The most common causes for this sensor to read incorrectly are:
1- Twisting the cable: Sometimes students twist or crimp the wire near the handle of the sensor. Over time, this can cause the wires to come loose and make the sensor stop working.
2- Overheating: Measuring the temperature of a flame or the surface of a hot plate will damage the sensor.
3- Melted cable: Draping a cable across a hot plate will melt the covering and damage the sensor.
4- The unit is not waterproof: Water can seep into the hilt of the sensor and damage the electronics. Only submerge the stainless steel portion of the sensor.

Unfortunately, these causes of breakage are considered misuse and are not covered by our warranty. Repair is not possible for this type of damage.

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-Range: -40 deg C to 135 deg C
-Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150 deg C
-Typical accuracy: +/- 0.2 deg C at 0 deg C, +/- 0.5 deg C at 100 deg C
-12-bit resolution: (with LabPro or Go! Link) 0.17 deg C (-40 to 0 deg C); 0.03 deg C (0 to 40 deg C); 0.1 deg C (40 to 100 deg C); 0.25 deg C (100 to 135 deg C)
-10-bit resolution: (with CBL or CBL 2) 0.68 deg C (-40 to 0 deg C); 0.12 deg C (0 to 40 deg C); 0.4 deg C (40 to 100 deg C); 1.0 deg C (100 to 125 deg C)
-Temperature sensor: 20 kΩ NTC Thermistor
-Response time: (time for a 90% change in reading)
10 seconds in water, with stirring
400 seconds in still air
90 seconds in moving air
-Probe dimensions:
Length (handle plus body): 15.5 cm
Stainless steel body: length 10.5 cm, diameter 4.0 mm
Probe handle: length 5.0 cm, diameter 1.25 cm
Does not work with ULI and SBI

-Calibrate? No.
-If you wish to calibrate this sensor, detailed instructions can be found in Can you calibrate a Stainless Steel Temperature Probe?

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