UVB Sensor (UVB-BTA)
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Are you using the UVB Sensor to check UVA light? Confirm that the sensor is appropriate for the experiment.
-Secondary Test: Take readings outdoors in the sunlight with and without a barrier, such as a sunglasses lens. Confirm that the readings are in the normal range for your area.

How do the Vernier UVA and UVB sensors work?
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-new order code: UVB-BTA
-old order code: UVB-DIN
-UV peak sensitivity: one Volt per 204 mW/m2 at 315 nm
-Wavelength sensitivity region, approximate: 290 to 320 nm, half sensitivity points.
-12-bit resolution (LabPro): 0.25 mW/m2
-10-bit resolution (CBL 2, CBL): 1 mW/m2
-Dimensions: 21 cm by 2 cm diameter
-Time response: approximately 2 seconds to reach 95% of final reading

-Calibrate? No. The sensor is set to the stored calibration before shipping.
-It is quite difficult to calibrate a UV sensor to read in absolute units, since you must have a source of known UV intensity and spectral distribution. More often you will simply want to calibrate the sensor in terms of a relative intensity. Refer to the detailed instructions for calibration on page 3 of the sensor booklet.

UVA Sensor (UVA-BTA)